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Copy of National Governing Bodies

No description

Rebecca Long

on 4 January 2015

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Transcript of Copy of National Governing Bodies

National Governing Bodies in Sport
Development of the Sport!!
Policies and initiatives
+300 NGBs in the UK
Policies and initiatives
Promoting participation (e.g equal opportunities policies).

Increasing the popularity of the sport (Schemes for School).

Exposure in the media (Press releases, public relations).
ECB - Chance to Shine
FA -
RFU - http://www.rfu.com/managingrugby/clubdevelopment/equity/equitypolicyobjectives
Elite training and development:

Training of officials
Coaching Awards

National performance squads and national teams in many sports!
(England Netball UK
Coaching Certificate from level 1
and upwards.
RFU - has a young officials award which is used as a starting point
Rule making &
Disciplinary procedures

E.g ????????
Providing a National
directive or Vision

Assist with facility
Competitions &

England Basketball organise national competitions for over 500 teams for senior - U13
British Cycling
Providing guidelines,
support and
insurance to
Mr. Farrer - ECB Coaches Association WHY??
- Anti-doping policies
- Promoting etiquette and fair play
- Community Programmes (SwimFit, BacktoNetball)
- Information and guidance on safeguarding (SCP Courses.
Lobby for, and recieve, funding

Distribution of funds:
-subscriptions / match fees
-lottery funding
-income from media / sponsorship / advertising
-private investment and donations
-fund raising events
Providing technical advice (playing surface, England Hockey).
Providing location and contact details for local clubs/how to get started in the sport
Advice about funding to members
What do National Governing Bodies in sport do?
Can you think of an example in you sport?
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