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First Solar Road opens in Netherlands

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Connor Holden

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of First Solar Road opens in Netherlands

First solar road opens in Netherlands
Connor Holden
On Wednesday the 12th, the company SolaRoad opened the world's first solar energy-producing road in the town of Krommenie
SolaRoad is an innovative company who believes that solar energy is the future of electricity
Started in 2004
SolaRoad uses amorphous silicon (a-Si) in the production of thier photovoltaic cells
This is because a-Si has excellent indirect light absorption, which allows their solar panels to absorb light from the first light till the last light
The road is a prototype
It is a 230 foot bike path
The path is made up of segments of concrete with solar modules and covered with a thin layer of tempered glass
It will take an estimated 3 years of testing to determine if these roads/sidewalks should be mass produced and distributed
The road can power anything from street lights to households
If the power requirement is more than one cell module can generate, it automatically connects to the amount needed to supply the power, called a microgrid
Protective measures include a thin layer of tempered glass on the top and hermetically sealing each cell and then encasing them in a UV resistant polycarbonate plastic
Tempered glass is about 4 to 5 times stronger than regular glass and if it does shatter, it does not fragment into sharp pieces. It is also heat resistant as a result of the thermal process that strengthens it
Although solar roads aren't the future of green energy, they could help reduce overall spending on energy and the amount of emissions from producing other forms of energy
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