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Sierra Leone

No description

Sierra Leone

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Sierra Leone

Freetown Michelle Chan, Victoria Kim, Hannah Dornfeld Freetown, Sierra Leone Discussion Question The Land of Beginning Again As a freed black in the 1700s, based on the information given by the British, would you have chosen to move to Sierra Leone given the chance? Discussion Question Now that you have followed the journey of Aminata through Sierra Leone, would you change your mind? Bance Island Discussion Question Discussion Question (Now) Freetown, Sierra Leone Analysis On the West Coast of Africa
Built on the ruins of Granville: the first, failed settlement (1787-1789)
Recolonized in 1791 by the Nova Scotians
Founded by the Sierra Leone Company
Grid format (resemblant of American architecture)
Built homes using clay, thatch and mud
By 1798, there were 300-400 houses
Exceptional traders Capital of Sierra Leone
Home to the House of Parliament, Supreme Court and the State House
Economic and financial centre of Sierra Leone
Population almost equally divided between Muslims and Christians Bunce, Bence, or Bense Island
18 miles from Freetown
Grant, Oswald & Company and John & Alexander Anderson
Highly profitable enterprise
Trafficking of thousands of slaves to America
Chief supplier for rice industries
Destinations: Charleston, Savannah and, Georgia
Sierra Leone's first protected Historical Site Inland Journey 32 days of walking through heavy woodland area and rolling hills
Hard to penetrate the interior of Africa
Alassane's plan to sell Aminata
Saved by nearby village
Spent one month in the village How would Aminata be different had she chosen to go to England with Clarkson at this point in time? Would she have still ended up the same if she traveled to England earlier? Discussion Question If Aminata did make it back home to Bayo, what might she find and how would it change her? The Beginning I wish that there were some wonderful place
Called the Land of Beginning Again
Where all our mistakes and all our heartaches
And all of our selfish grief
Could be dropped like a shabby old coat by the door
And never be put on again.
I wish we could come on it all unaware
Like the hunter who finds a lost trail
And I wish that the one whom our blindness has done
The greatest injustice of all
Could be at the gates like an old friend that waits
For the comrade he's gladdest to hail.
We would find all the things we intended to do
But forgot, and remembered too late;
Little praises unspoken, little promises broken
And all of the thousand and one
Little duties neglected that might have perfected
The day for one less fortunate. It wouldn't be possible not to be kind
In the Land of Beginning Again
And the ones we misjudged and the ones whom we grudged
Their moments of victory then
Would find in the grasp of our loving handclasp
More than penitent lips could explain.
For what had been hardest we'd know had been best
And what had seemed loss would be gain
For there isn't a sting that will not take a wing
When we've faced it and laughed it away,
And I think that the laughter is most what we're after
In the Land of Beginning Again.
So I wish that there were some wondered place
Called the Land of Beginning Again
Where all our mistakes and all our heartaches
And all of our selfish grief
Could be dropped like a shabby old coat at the door
And never be put on again. Aminata's Development Fatima's rejection
Retraces the lines of Jonathan Swift
Realizes that plans need time to prevail
Her perception of others "You have the face of someone born in this land, but you come with the toubabu. You are a toubab with a black face." Aminata's Development Willing to give up anything to return home
Builds the confidence to speak her mind “Sometimes a deal with the devil is better than no deal at all.” “Falconbridge had called my bargain with the slavers “a deal with the devil.” He was right, but he was wrong to say that it was better than no deal at all.” Aminata's Development Understands what's more important to her
Realization of what is meant to be "home"
Becomes the djeli of the unknown village “I would sooner swallow poison than live twenty more years as the property of another man – African or toubab. Bayo, I could live without. But for freedom, I would die” “All I really wanted to do was return to the place where my life began” “During my years in America, I had often longed to go to London—but only as a stepping-stone to Africa. Never had it occurred to me that Africa would be my pathway to London.” Activity Mix and Match Activity - Follow Up Activity - Follow Up Aminata gives the little girl captive a red scarf, what's the significance? Critical Thinking Agree or Disagree: Slave trade has saved many Africans.
Use evidence from the text to backup your answer. Going back to the start... Selfish grief: the captive slaves she passes.
"As a child..." -page 435
The one: refers to Chekura
Blinded by her dream
lives with her decision to forsake a family
Little promises: to take her to Segu, then Bayo
Never makes to Segu the first time
Foreshadowing Alassane's broken promise
Little duties: that she and her mother provided
"catching babies..." -page 385
Skill died with her mother and left with her
Misjudged: Peters as simply outspoken
Hailed him a leader in death
"Peters liked to remind us..." -page 376 Handclasp: is the Company flag
Symbol of the shared purpose
There isn't a sting: the comment from Fatima
Makes Aminata feel lonely
Didn't matter once she came to terms with it King Jimmy:
"It seemed absurd..." -page 381
Symbolic of the taint of the west on her homeland
"you have the face..." -page 394
Epiphany & resolve Alexander Falconbridge:
"They participate..." -page 403
Another path
William Armstrong
"He did not seem..." -page 413
Third type of white man John Clarkson:
"We need your story..." -page 425
A different perspective
An escape
Thomas Peters:
"You are a good man..." -page 399
Symbol of perseverance
Foil for Clarkson Anna Maria Falconbridge:
"With your obvious literacy..." -page 409
Encourages writing
"Surely he would not..." -page 439
He finally denies her dream “I felt no more longing for Bayo - only a determination to stay free.” Sierra Leone
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