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Engineering Design Process

No description

esgar moreno

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Engineering Design Process

Engineering Design Process. The Engineering Design Process starts with you asking
a question or identifying a problem that must be solved.
What is the problem or need?
Who has the problem or need?
Why is it important to solve? Define The problem Look for previous attempts to solve
this problem so you wont repeat their
mistakes, and learn from their previous experiences. Do Background Research Identify the important characteristics and properties that your design must have to succeed. Specify Requirements Try to find better solutions for your problem. Don't just stick to one idea stubbornly. There are hundreds if not thousands of possibilities. Create Alternative Solutions Look through your solutions and identify the best possible one for your particular problem. Your solution should meet all of your requirements. Choose The Best Solution A prototype is a cheap version of your solution. It will allow you to test your solution before you put it out into the public. A prototype allows an engineering to polish and refine his solution before releasing it. Build A Prototype Refine and improve you solution to fit your problem as best as possible. The more you refine your product the better it will be. Develope Your Solution Test your solution and find problems. Then fix these problems and test it again. You will repeat this process over and over until your solution is exactly what you need it to be if not better. Test And Redesign To complete your project document your solutions and present them to your audience in a final report. Communicate Results http://www.sciencebuddies.org/engineering-design-process/engineering-design-process-steps.shtml#theengineeringdesignprocess


http://www.google.com Citations The Brooklyn Bridge New York was struggling to keep up with its growing population in the 1860's. its population had skyrocketed from about 70,000 in 1790 to about 1,300,000 in 1860. New York needed a way for people to travel from Manhattan to the rest of New York, so a man named John Augustus Roebling was charged with the task of building the Brooklyn Bridge. Before the head engineer decided that building should start on the bridge they had to identify where the bridge should be built, what materials they should use, how many workers they needed, and how the bridge should be built. Research What's needed? Before construction on the Brooklyn Bridge began the civil engineers had to come up with a set of requirements that the bridge had to meet. For example the bridge had to be 5989 feet long, and its arches had to be 33.75 feet wide. Solutions Solutions The engineering team for the Brooklyn Bridge went over hundreds of ways on how to build the bridge, what to build it with, and where to build it. Each one of these options was an individual solution. Decisions Decisions In the end the engineers decided on the Brooklyn Bridge design that we see today in movies, music videos, T.V, and of course in person if you ever visit New York. Improvement After the team of engineers decided on their design for the bridge, they had to figure out how exactly they would do everything, and if their was any possible improvements for their design. Models Before they built the bridge, the engineers had to build models of the bridge to run tests on. Testing After the engineers built a model they had to run several different tests on it. For example, they tested how much weight the bridge could take, and how flexible it was. If the model of the bridge did not meet their requirements they built another. They repeated this process until they built the right one. Once they built the right model, they began to build the real bridge, but the engineers continued to redesign and test the bridge as it was being built. Landmark!! Once the bridge is completely built and tested for safety, the citizens of New York are allowed to use the newly built Brooklyn Bridge to travel from Manhattan to the rest of New York. Edible car??? When my group received the assignment of building and edible car, the problem was automatically identified as building the edible car. Google!! The first thing my group and I did was to look up edible cars on google and figure out as much as we could from the previous experiences of other people. Target Acquired After we looked at some designs and ideas online, my group and I got to together to discuss what the car had to be made of and the requirements that our teacher gave us. Alternatives? Before we began building our edible car our group discussed all the possible ideas and designs, and we decided that a rice krispies car would be our best design.(huge fail!) Rice Krispies!!!! So as I said before our group decided on building our car out of a home made Rice Krispies treat, pretzel rods, and cookies. Oops.:) In my opinion our group skipped this step. Disaster? Every member of the group put in the materials needed and we built our Rice Krispies car! sadly it was a huge fail and did not even hold together.:'(. We attempted to rebuild our car but failed drastically. I think that this step was the one that took up most of our time. Block One Because our first design for the edible car was a huge disaster we had to improvise very quickly. I called my mother and she brought us a replacement body for our car, which was made from bread, and our project was salvaged. Finish Line! So after we finished building our car we completed our project report, which communicated our results to our teacher, and we gave it a push down a ramp.:) 1. I think in total my team/group only made one iteration and that was when we had to find a different body for our car because the Rice Krispies car had totally failed. Extra Info 2. If I was given this assignment again, I would take the planning part a lot more serious, and i would make sure that my materials were capable of hold themselves together after we built the car. 3. I think the research, specify requirements, and the test and redesign steps would be the most important in building an edible car because it leaves less space for errors and the test and redesign step allows you to fix any remaining problems. 4. I believe that the given engineering task defines which steps will take more time to complete because the very nature of the task is what determines everything. For example if i was building a model of a bridge, designing the bridge would probably be the most time consuming thing, while the building of a real life size bridge would be the most time consuming part of that task.
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