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Tornadoes by Abby Debus

No description

Abby Debus

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Tornadoes by Abby Debus

Let's Learn About: Movement: Fauna P Challenges Flora Tornadoes This is a map demonstrating the path of the Tornado that touched down in Goderich, Ontario on Sunday.August 21, 2011 during the afternoon. Due to the devastation 1 person died and over 37 people were severely injured. This is the largest tornado that hit Ontario in over 15 years. 43'44'34.72"N
81'42"41.42"W Absolute Location Tornado Alley is a region located east of the Rockies. This area has the highest percentage of tornadoes. Within the Alley Oklahoma City has the most tornadoes recorded and with the strongest winds measured. Damages totaling 1.2 Billion. Tornado Alley R Map of Goderich
Tornado Definition:A destructive white and grey cloud, rotating and spinning wind & belongings around the earth and interacting with our environment and the way we live. M I Tornado Warnings on Electronics: Tornado warnings on electronics can be a great tool that will warn people when there is severe weather, such as tornadoes approaching. Electronics provide a means of communicating important information to a large number of people at a time. Informing and warning people about severe and sudden weather will give people a chance to seek shelter and will hopefully save lives. Storm Cellars: Storm Cellars can be used for tornadoes or for any other severe weather. A storm cellar is a type of underground bunker that provides protection and shelter during violent weather. They are usually located close to the main house which allows easy access in an emergency. If people do not have a storm cellar to retreat to they have a higher incidence of being injured or killed. E Opportunity There are many challenges for people who have to rebuild their homes and buy more belongings.You can lose everything that you have depending on the rating of the tornado. A lower rating is less severe than a higher rating. The amount of insurance and government assistance is different for each household. Some families have to leave the community until their house is rebuilt if at all. They may wind up losing their community and friends and have to move elsewhere. 1. 2. Rebuilding homes: Tornadoes have a negative effect on the environment and communities .People will have a challenge affording the cost of providing new trees and plants which will take many years to grow. People will also have to take a lot of time to clean ditches, rebuild community buildings, homes and other places that got destroyed. It will also take a lot of money to fix hydro (wires) and lots more. Environment & Community 1. 2. Tornado effects on the flora include destruction of trees and damage to all other flora as grasses, bushes, shrubs etc. Agricultural crops could be damaged or even wiped out. This causes an increase in crop prices and eventually consumer prices. Tornadoes will affect Fauna by killing their habitat, They will have no shelter or food because of the destructive force acting on their environment, their trees and forests. Bird nests will be destroyed. The winds and debris can kill the fauna. Animals that survive will have to forage for food to be saved. People are the most important but we have to save the fauna too. People & Goods: Information: Information on a tornado can be prompted by radios and TV that can translate information to people to be warned for in coming tornadoes or severe thunder storms. This will help because you will know ahead of time to get safe or get cover (shelter). The radio & TV forecasters can inform you on any other information before and or after this disaster. Make sure you have a battery radio. Kind people can come in and clean up the disaster and bring clothing, water, food, and appliances if they are still able to live in their houses or an on site trailer. The faster we get cleaned up the faster we can re build homes and communities. When stores are reopened, goods will be shipped in. save Me! Historical Occurrence:Goderich, Ontario. Sunday August 21, 2011 approx. 4:00 pm By: Abby Debus Hope you now know a lot more about Tornadoes!
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