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Era of Good Feelings: Small Group Activity

No description

christian thomson

on 17 October 2011

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Transcript of Era of Good Feelings: Small Group Activity

First Seminole War 1817-18 Florida Purchased from
Spain for 5 mil.(1819) First Steamship
Crossed Atlantic (1819) Five States Admitted
to the Union Missouri Compromise (1820) Monroe Doctrine Announced (1823) Lafayette Visits the United States (1824) Indians forced into reservation in central florida for supporting britain with weapons, Andrew Jackson killed a majority of them because it helped to secure the countrys borders and keep weapons from Britain. Andrew Jackson attacked Spanish Forts at St Marks at Pensicoa: Spain negotiated a treaty, the Adams Onis Treaty, which nullified the US 5 million dollar debt The SS Savannah was the first steamship to cross the Atlantic, left the port of Savannah Georgia on May 22 1819 arriving to Liverpool on June 20 1819, forever changing transportation as a whole. Missouri, Illinois, Maine, Alabama, and Mississippi were admitted to the US to expand colonization and allow sectionalism. States: "Further efforts by European countries to colonize land or interfere with states in US would be viewed as acts of agression requiring US intervention." This would help insulate the western hemisphire from Europe and protect their borders. Between pro and anti slavery harks among Congress; prohibited slavery in the Louisiana territory (besides Missouri) restricting the growth of slavery. Lafayette was a French war hero to America. Monroe writes to him in 1824, inviting him to the US to be a figure to sweeten the Monroe Doctrine deal for both Europe and the US. Questions Why was there such negativity between the Native Americans and the settlers to begin with? Why did Spain relieve the US of its debt? What things were changed after the steamship was invented? Why was slavery allowed in the south? How could the debate over slavery affect the unity of the US? Why would Europe want to claim American territories? How would Lafayette help the Monroe Doctrine? Why would Jackson attack the Spanish? What kind of a leader was Jackson? Why would the US want to stop the Seminole from giving the British weapons?
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