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Chocolate Production - Flow Chart Assignment by Mathinesh Sribavan

(Watch the prezi in fullscreen for the full experience) This is a prezi that goes through the production steps of how chocolate is made

Mathinesh Sribavan

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Chocolate Production - Flow Chart Assignment by Mathinesh Sribavan

How Chocolate is Made

By : Mathinesh Sribavan

Step 1: Extraction (Harvesting Cocoa and Cocoa processing)
Factors of production in Extraction

Natural Resources
: Cocoa Beans

: Harvesters to handpick the cocoa pods

: Tractor to drive around the farm, while collecting the cocoa pods

: Poor wages for farm workers

: Farm owner

Step 2: Shipping
- After the Cocoa beans are dried, they are packed and shipped to the manufacturing plant where the chocolate will be made
Factors of Production in Shipping
- Natural Resources : Cocoa Beans

- Labor: Ship's Crew and Captain

- Capital : Ship

- Management : Shipper/Shipping Company

- The extracting process starts in South American countries and Central American countries, this is where cocoa pods are hand picked

- The cocoa pods are handpicked to decrease damage to the tree and the flower buds.

- The cocoa pods are then fragmented cautiously to have the cocoa beans removed, the main ingredient of chocolate.

- The cocoa beans then get sun - dried, upon getting shipped to the manufacturing plant

Step 3: Sorting
- Once the beans arrive at the manufacturing plant, the beans are sorted and separated from any unwanted materials

- These include rocks, sand, etc.

Factors of Production in Sorting
Step 4: Roasting
- In this step the cocoa beans are roasted at 120 degrees Celsius.

- The cocoa beans are roasted to further dry them and release their flavor.

- This is very important because they might get burned or turn out bit
Factors of Production in Roasting
Natural Resources: Cocoa Beans

Labour: Roasting Machine Operator

Capital: Oven/Roasting Machine

Information: Inefficient

Management: Supervisor of employees/manager of plant

Step 5: Crushing
- At this stage the beans go through a machine that crushes the beans into 2 mm fragments called nibs

- This process also removes the shell of the bean

Factors of Production in Crushing
Natural Resources: Cocoa Beans

Labour: Crushing Machine Operator

Capital: Crushing Machine

Information: New machines needed because of innovations

Management: Supervisor of employees/manager of plant

Step 6: Extraction
- The beans that are now called nibs are ground to become cocoa mass.
Factors of Production in Grinding
Natural Resources: Cocoa Beans

Labour: Grinder Operator

Capital: Grinder

Management: Supervisor of employees/ manager of plant

Step 7: Mixing
- In this process all the different ingredients including , sugar, cocoa, natural soya , and natural vanilla are added to a mixture

- Then all the ingredients are mixed together

Factors of Production in Mixing
Natural Resources: Cocoa Beans

Raw Materials: Sugar, Vanilla, soya lecithin

Labour: Mixer operator

Capital: Mixer

Management: Supervisor of employee/ manager of plant

Step 8: Refining
- In this process the mixed ingredients are put through a refiner.

- A roll refiner reduces the particle size of all the ingredients and distributes cocoa butter evenly covering all particles

- The rolling process creates heat which melts the mixture.

Factors of Production in Refining
Natural Resources: Cocoa Beans

Raw Materials: Sugar , Vanilla, cocoa butter

Labour: Roll refiner operator

Capital: Roll Refiner

Management: Supervisor of employees/manger of plant

Step 9: Finishing
- In this process, the chocolate is taken form the roll refiner in liquid form and placed in a mold.

- The mold is placed in a freezer where it cools and turns hard.

- Now you have chocolate!

Factors of Production in Finishing
Natural Resources: operator of machine that pours chocolate into mold

Capital: Machine that pours chocolate into mold

Management: Supervisor of employees / manager of plant

Step 10: Shipping
- After the chocolate has cooled it is packed and shipped to retail stores.
Factors of Production for Shipping
Labour: Packer/Truck driver

Capital: Truck/Packing Machines

Information: Causes pollution because of trucks

Management: Supervisor of employees/manager of plant


(The production of Chocolate)
- Natural Resources : Cocoa Beans

- Labour: Machine Operator

- Capital : Sorting Machine

- Information : Machines not efficient

- Management: supervisor for employees/ manager of plant
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