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The Perks of being a Wallflower

No description

Catherine Goncalves

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of The Perks of being a Wallflower

Self Discovery
At a critical point in the novel, (the Ordeal) Charlie realizes that the meaning he seeks is most clearly realized in the truth and beauty that exists right before him—not in something that may have happened to him or his friends in the past, nor some glorious hope in the future of a meaningful career or family, but right here, right now, in that infinite moment.

In comparison Vidya has a pivotal moment like this as well. She realizes that everything she could ever ask for has been right in front of her. She knows who she wants to marry and has accepted who she is in the Indian culture, just how Charlie begins to accept himself.

~ The transformation is complete for them both, the void has been filled for them both

Short Video
The Journey Begins
Deport- the characters leave their home and embark on the journey.
~For Charlie this is the transition between middle school and high school, and the loss of his best friend prior
~ Vidya goes through a similar experience when she leaves her home in Bombay and heads to Madras
~Her loss was her father, someone who she really admired and trusted
~ The loss of each of these figures really impacted the characters lives, and journeys
The all and ever mighty mentor
Plot Overview
The Perks of being a
Wallflower Comparison

Both protagonists are introduced sympathetically
through their background. (history, background environment)
we develop a connection through this
~ Although coming from different worlds Charlie and Vidya both start their journeys very similar stories that deal with
innocence and loss of an important figure
~ We look at this more as it affects them internally.
~Each lost someone of great importance to them
~What did this do mentally?
~Why did the author include it?
~How Did it further the characters and plot?

The result?
Isolation and forced individuality.

The Wall Flowers
It is Charlie's English teacher who originally sets off Charlie's adventure. He advises Charlie to participate more, and try and make some friends This leads to...
Therefore, it is evident in both novels that although Charlie and Vidya were victim to great personal loss, with a little help from their mentors they gained knowledge and experience which ultimately led to self discovery that would change who they are and their perspective forever.
Hi I'm Charlie..

Meet The Protagonist
-The people he meets are the ones that really create him
Charlie is a very innocent character
- He is extremely shy prior entering High school
Main Points in the Novel
Example and Analysis
" So, this is my life. And I want you know that I am both happy and sad I'm still trying to figure out how that could be." (Chbosky, 2)
-This is the beginning of the novel and we can see how alone Charlie feels
-1st stage of the journey
-Also an example of innocence which later turns to experience and his lack of understanding
- Charlie's best friend Michael and Aunt Helen dies
-Charlie starts high school and really likes his English teacher who becomes one of his mentors
Charlie befriends seniors Sam who he develops feelings for and Patrick who is gay. They soon turn into his best friends
- Charlie experiences new things like alcohol and drugs, acting in Rocky Horror, he gets seriously sick at one point after taking drugs at a party
-Charlie's sister gets pregnant and he helps her get an abortion, it's the first time he feels needed in his life
-Charlie briefly dates another girl breaks it off badly
-He hooks up with Sam near the end but it is at that point he realizes he was once molested by his Aunt Helen
- Then Charlie watches all his friends go to College but not
until Sam, Patrick and him have an infinite moment together
- Charlie ends up in the hospital after having a breakdown
Thesis Statement
In "Climbing the Stairs" and "The Perks of being a Wallflower" both protagonists Charlie and Vidya are victim to great personal loss, engage in personal self discovery, and gain valuable knowledge through experience which results in the formation of new mature beings.
In the beginning of the novel, we are introduced to Charlie, the cryptic protagonist, an unconventional thinker, and a curious young adolescent. His journey begins when he starts his first day of high school, which is a challenge because his only friend committed suicide last year and Charlie feels inevitability alone. Encouraged by a thoughtful English teacher who provides Charlie with modern day classic books from authors like J.D. Salinger and F. Scott Fitzgerald. He befriends a group of alternative older teenagers who are unsatisfied with society's norms and the ever changing status quo. Together they seek to create an identity for themselves while dealing with their own personal demons. Each character navigates independently through the pressure of high school, drugs, academics, social cliques, and sexuality.
~A pivotal moment in each novel is the moment when they meet the people who are going to change their life for the better.
~The novel in each case does a complete 180 and Charlies and Vidya's life suddenly get better.
~Each Characters mentality changes from feeling hopeless from their loss to once again feeling whole and complete
~How? Each character feels a special connection to the mentor. The mentors give them advice and support which helps them discover things about themselves they never knew.
and what it means
The best friends
. Patrick and Sam, the true mentors of the story, they get Charlie to participate and try new things
Patrick, Sam and his English teacher play a big part in telling Charlie that
life should be lived and not watched.
All 3 are along side Charlie at all stages of his journey
"Well, I think Michael was a nice guy and I don't understand why he did it. As much as I feel sad, I think not knowing is what really bothers me." (Chbosky,4)
on a sad note
~Vidya's mentor is Raman. Before she met Raman Vidya felt hopeless and trapped similar to Charlie after his first few days of high school
~ When they met their mentor they once again,felt inspired, but why?
~The mentor and protagonist in both cases share a special connection or bond. They educate their protagonist and in this cases in each book it was through knowledge
~ In both cases they've never had anyone really like this in their life besides the great loss
The void is beginning to be filled
Charlie states, "
I just wish that my parents or my sister or someone would tell me whats wrong with me. Just tell me how to be different in a way that makes sense"
~Proof that he needs someone in his life to correct him, Sam, Patrick and his English teacher were an answer to his prayers.
'"It was me standing up in that tunnel with the wind over my face. Not caring if I saw downtown. Not even thinking about it. Because I was standing in the tunnel. And I was really there. And that was enough to make me feel infinite."
(Chbosky, 213)

Tunnels can mean a lot of things but quite literally, they are a passage.The passage represents Charlie's "passage" from adolescence to adulthood, from wallflower to active teenager, from loner to loyal friend.
Vidya's passage is that of ignorance to knowledge, and innocence to maturity.
What is a Wallflower?
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