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This Prezi is about candy and other sweets! In this Prezi, you will learn the history of variety of sweets and be able to see how they're made. The certain candies and sweets shown in this prezi are; Hard Candies, Bubble Gum, and Chocolate. There's also t

Sandra Vo

on 10 April 2016

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Transcript of Candy!

CANDY!!! How chocolate is made Bazooka Bubble gum Chocolate Ingredients Bubble gum Ingredients YOU GOTTA L VE CANDY !!!!!! Candy is simply made by dissolving sugar in water The sugar in candy DOES NOT cause hyperactivity in children Yummy Delicious Enjoyable Delectable Flavorful Luscious Scrumptious DId you know... And Other Sweets ! Sugar Flavourings Hard Candy Ingredients All Sorts Of The End! Cocoa liquor Cocoa butter Sugar Vanilla Milk or milk powder
(milk and white
milk chocolate Corn syrup Gum base Sugar or another
sweetener Gum softener Flavorings Sugar White corn syrup Flavorings Water Food colouring Chocolate, Sweet, Chocolate! By: Sandra Vo 808 Do the "bazooka
bubble gum" dance! ChewIng Gum! How bubble
gum is made POP! GUM
BALLS! Hard CandIes! History of hard candies
and how they're made CRUNCH!
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