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Rethinking the Call Number

An informative presentation on ditching Dewey for the 2012 SD Library Association conference

Brenda Hemmelman

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Rethinking the Call Number

Is it time to ditch Dewey? Rethinking the Call Number Who has done it? Today's Agenda: Why and how did they do it? Pros Cons *Maricopa County, AZ libraries WHO? *Darien, CT Library *Cambridge, MA Public Library *Rangeview Library District, CO *Burke High School, Omaha *Butterfield Memorial Library, Coldspring NY *Albany Public Library System, NY *Others that you know of? *Maricopa County, AZ
*Darien CT
*Cambridge, MA
*Rangeview Library District, CO
*Burke HS, Omaha
*Butterfield Mem Lib, Cold Spring, NY
*Albany PL System, NY Why and How? *caters to browsers PROS: *flexibility *words instead of numbers *increased circulation *a welcoming, cozy library *set up *category confusion *doesn't work for everybody *call numbers not everyone can use *is it more expensive? Book Industry Standards and Communications What is BISAC, anyway? *used by book stores (and now some libraries)
*alphabetical list of 52 broad categories
*BISAC is simple and user-friendly
*Rangeview was the first library system (2009) to adopt a BISAC-based
classification for all of its libraries, albeit with some modifications CONS: Thank You! Brenda Hemmelman
brenda.hemmelman@state.sd.us Notes to take away: "Just the idea of this is totally,
outrageously ridiculous!"
-libn in Fredericksburg, VA "It's not about what I think. It's about what the patrons think." wrote one librarian "And Dewey isn't just a relic, it keeps people out of the library. They fear it." comment on livejournal.com I hope this session has provided some food for thought. Others?????? Others?????
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