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Jack's Careers


Jack T

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of Jack's Careers

Jack MY career =Educa Ion traInIng I am currently in pre-ib Currently in Pre-IB Education: Being in pre-IB helps me achieve my goals quickly
Provides challenges that I am looking for in life
Definitetly teach me time mangement Took music lessons for the piano
Currently take guzheng the chinese instrumental equivalent of the piano bindasboys.com/images/Music_Notes.jpg xtra-Curricular Activities During my middle school years I particpated in many different chess clubs
Chess was a very popular event in my local community as well
Chess can assist me in the future, because it teaches you to stratagize 4.bp.blogspot.com/.../emlklOeUYzA/s400/chess.jpg Reference LISt: Websites(pictures): vector-solar-powered-billboard-05-by-dragonart[1].jpg School bands is another extra-curricular actvity that I parrtcipate in fequently
Beside the school bands, I perform outside of school with a chinese instrumental group Completed public school in 2006 IB(International Baccalaureate) is a program that assist students to be well rounded, successful people in life, and the best part is universities may allow you to skip 1st year. How do I benefit? TRAining: www.eynsfordconcertband.co.uk/ECB%20Image/Eynsford%20Montage%20(David%20compressed%202).jpg Completed middle school in 2008 Currently in high school completing: Ontario diploma, and later IB diploma www.stringandbamboomusic.com/images/instruments/Guzheng2.jpg In the end?!? I get to learn a trade that may assist me later on in life
Learn to speak another international language aside from math
Finally get to teach it to someone else Family Life and Home Activities www.prelovac.com/.../uploads/2008/02/piano.jpg Board games such as Monopoly is quite popular with my family
Also some computer games as well http://images.fanpop/images/image_uploads/Monopoly-UK-edition-board-games-291442_1024_1024.jpg Family dinner is quite common
Even though not all family members are currently in Canada Brother, and sister are quite supportive even though we don't always get along What else? Volunteering www.funitureconnection.com/vb960b.jpg This summer I am going to volunteer at North York General Hospital
It would be my second time volunteering at North York General Hospital How does this help you later on in life? I learn to appreciate life not just money
Develope a stronger social connection with patients
In turn all these things teaches me, how to become a good doctor later on in life Community Involvement www.emeraldhis.com/images/north_logo.gif YPI was one of the biggest way I was involved with the community
Taught life lesson that can only be learned through doing it Band CHess www.miscellaneous-inc.org/images/sponsor-YPI_canada.gif Another way I am involved in my community is by helping out my local church on my spare time(Weekends)
Also helping them at their main church downtown Volunteering at home Simply helping out by doing chores(hate chores)
Assisting people who need help at home Friends and social activities A social activity that i do quite often is watch movies with friends
We usually watch whatever is popular during a certain time period www.amuseline.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/movies.jpg Sometimes just kickingback, and relaxing
Hangout with friends as well Special Interests Computer Video games www.animalliberationfront.com/News/AnimalPhotos/Animals_271-280/monkey-tiger.jpg Counter-strike source
Couter-strike 1.6
Counter-strike 1.5
Counter-strike 1.4..etc
These are my favourite video games m.gmgrd.co.uk/res/221.$plit/C_71_article_1042928_image_list_image_item_0_image.jpg BOOKS!! I read just about anything I get my hands on
I prefer to read about epidemics, virology,surgery,and animal diseases(Anything medical I like) http://farm1.static.flickr.com/130/376152628_249e3630c0.jpg Music I like all genres of music
Some of my favourite bands are Queen,and aerosmith www.merinews.com/upload/thumbimage/1238078931692.jpg Movies Chillin'
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