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wind energy

No description

amber nichols

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of wind energy

welcome to wonderful wind energy where does wind energy come from? suns radiation heats different parts of the earth at different rates kinetic energy air has mass and when it is in motion, it contains the energy of that motion. how does it work? can anyone guess? transforms the kinetic energy and turns wind into... mechanical or electrical energy mechanical electrical mechanical
energy pumps water see this wind mill collects wind and also pumps water the water is pumped from here is pumped this way and it ends in here also used for grinding grain, sawing, and pushing a sailboat! look a sail boat wind energy is green are you? the wind energy also... attached to electric poles the wind generates enough electric to power and then we can use it in our homes, buisness and sale to utilities this how much electricity we use now on average advantages 1. kinetic energy (wind) to produce mechanical energy 2. wind is a renewable resource meaning the Earth will continue to make this 3. wind is cheap and largly dependent on the manufacturing, distrabution, and building of turbines 4. wind energy replaces electricity from coal-fired power plants and reduces green house gases that cause global warming 5. wind energy is world wide and even though most countries are "windier" than others but it is easier than loading oil up in a truck and send it around the world 6. wind farms have a smaller footprint rather than caol burning plants 7. turbines can be placed in farms with crops 8. wind energy is availbal in places where the electric grid does not reach 9.produces jobs in other feilds 10. does not have to be big feilds but now have been getting residential turbines disadvantages 1. wind is intermittent sorce of energy because if it is connected to the electrical grid it was an uneven suppply. in the gulf the winds are strong during hurricane season 2. the visual effects are an eye sore 3. wind doesn't blow strong in all areas on Earth 4. the turbines may cost much and may take a long time to pay off taxes may be cut and other money used 5. transmission of electricity from remote wind farms can be a major hurdle for many utilities since many time turbines are located near urban centers 6. the excess of wind is in the form of batteries 7. environmentalists have complained that the turbines are bad for migrating birds 8. depending on the turbine it causes noice pollution 9. prices do not compare to the cheapness of fossil fuel plants
10. wind turbines will interfere with televison signals wind energy costs 5 cents kilowatt per hour with production tax the larger the wind farm the lower the price the higher the wind speed the lower the cost the lower the construction cost the lower the cost in new england and in the northern plains it could cost 6/7 cents kWh bibliography www.awea.org www.windturbinesnow.com 1000 b.c.-1300a.d. these were inspired by sail boats and one of the first known wind turbines 1219 a.d was the earliest documantation of a chinese windmill crete had many wind mills like i said alot for pumpin water to crops and live stock 1300-1875 www.telosnet.com 20th century now cape cod has one!!!!! Might be the site of a future wind farm see borat knows whats up poor migrating birds WHAT WOULD YOU DO????? sail boats are the first known use for wind energy see it's another sail boat ain't it purty and now they are fighting because many people do not want the wind turbine or turbines to obstruct their view additional information many people support wind energy well not the people on cape cod AWEA American Wind Energy Association they are still coming up with new designs for wind energy cats kill more birds in a year than wind turbines do AWEA has a green team to help get people to change over to wind energy and google images
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