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Brian ;)

No description

Renee Schley

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Brian ;)

- University of Linz

- University of Tubingen
Facts about him
- Astrononia Nova
- Somoivm
- Rudolphine Pables
Books he wrote
Historic world events during his life
He was A: physicist, astrologer & mathematician
Johannes Kepler
Johnannes Life Info:
Johnannes Kepler was born December 27 1571 in Weil Der Stadt, Germany & died November 15, 1630 at 58 in the holy roman empire.

- 1564 The birth of Galileo Galilei

- 1572 The St.Bartholomew's day massacre

- 1588 Defeat of the spanish armada
- As a child Johannes Kepler suffered from smallpox. The disease left with crippled hands and a weak vision. This limited his ability to focus his energies on the observational aspect of astronomy.

-Johannes Kepler and Galileo Galilei were contemporaries and they often put forth contradictory theories. However, their individual work formed the basis of many modern physics, astronomy and philosophy theories.

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