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Nasty Gal Marketing Plan

No description

Kirsten Panlilio

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Nasty Gal Marketing Plan

Nasty Gal Marketing Plan
About Nasty Gal
Mission Statement
" Who is Nasty Gal? We like to think of her as the coolest girl in the room, pulling off whatever wildly unique piece that suits the mood. At Nasty Gal, we are our customer. Because of this, our job is an easy one; inspire and be inspired by cool girls the world over."
Sophia Amoruso started Nasty Gal in 2006
Company originally started out on Ebay where Sophia sold one-of-a- kind vintage clothing
Sophia used word-of-mouth and social platforms to build her brad.
In five short years, the brand has grown to become an international style source offering both new and vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories.
The Brand
The brand all ties into Sophia's personality. The brand is sexy, rock and roll, but also down to earth. Nasty gal is a global online destination for fashion-foward free-thinking girls.
The Name
"The name was inspired by the song and album "Nasty Gal." Betty Davis, the patron saint of badass women, was known for her unapologetically sexy- funk music, which comprises with our vision of femininity- complete with platform thigh-high boots."
Los Angeles
Nasty Gal has grown over 500% each year since its inception and counts over 300,000 customers in more than 50 countries with over 35% of sales occurring outside of the U.S
Nasty Gal has over 500,000 Facebook fans, 300,000 Twitter followers, and 350,000 Instagram followers.
Sophia has an estimated Net Worth of $250 million and growing
Strategic Focus
The company remains to sell their clothing exclusively online
The vision of the company is to provide the most recent and trendy clothing, accessories, and shoes to young women.
The company's advantage over other companies is the fact that they sell unique and exclusive clothing that you can only find on their website as well as carrying exclusive brands that are only carried in certain stores.
The company has created a revolution and more young women are hopping on the Nasty Gal wagon.
Situation Analysis
The economy is currently recovering
Nasty Gal has increased their revenues by 500%
This has helped them so that they can throw events without any cost for the attendees
Fashion Bloggers
Industry insiders
Fashion Publications and writers
Females and Males
Variety of ages
Photograph and video tape highlights of the event
Twitter: Contest where customers could win a trip to the event
Instagram: Post pictures advertising the contest for the event
Facebook: Fans and customers can find out details about our event
Tumblr followers can enter the contest from the blog and get updates about the contest as well as see pictures and videos after the party
Legal/Regulatory policies and issues
Cultural Trends
Nasty Gals are young women who keep up to date with the latest fashion trends. Nasty Gal carries the most in style products that are edgy and rock and roll inspired.
Ethical Issues
Nasty Gal used the Chanel logo on some of their products and there was a dispute with the companies where Chanel wanted Nasty Gal to stop using their logo on their products. Even though they are a small e-commerce company that use small freelance designers, they must be aware of what they are selling and realize that they mustplay by the same rules as everyone else.
Primary & Secondary Competitors
Urban Outfitters
American Apparel
Forever 21
Abercrombie & Fitch
High profitability and revenue
10,160% increase in sales from 2009 to 2011
Pricing Power
Very strong fan following and customer loyalty
Clear band image
Easy to use online store
Innovative and tech strong
Popular blog and many social media outlets
Control over shrinkage
Limited to online market
Little growth for new customers
Little advertisement or low brand awareness- known mostly by word of mouth
Small target market alienates possible demographics
High prices alienates other markets
Lack of promotion awareness to new customers- promotions are announced through email news letters and social media
Returns are higher than in brick and mortar stores where people can try on clothes
Unclear sizing options and lack of review and comment section
Shares brands and products with competitors
Increase social media presence
More discounts, sales, and promotion opportunities to reach and attract new customers
Collaborations with more designers, artist, and blogs
New products and services
Increase collaborations with advertisement publishing
Rewards and benefits for loyal customers
Print catalogs
Investing in innovations in technology
Offering more sizes for more women and more descriptive sizing guide
Marketing to older markets (women in 30's)
International expansion
Strong established competitors with online and brick and mortar stores
Market is extremely competitive
Lack of customer confidence
Smaller market and following than competitors
Unstable economy
Product demand relies strongly on economies position which influences pricing power
Substitutes for similar products at cheaper prices
Increase in labor cost
Marketing/Product Focus
Marketing Objectives
Our objective is to reach new customers that aren't aware of the existence of the company.
Target Markets
Age: 16-25
Gender: Female
A working girl that has enough disposable income to spend on higher priced clothing.
has disposable income from parents

City and Urban areas

Fashion conscious young women
Prefers quality over price
Trend Setter

Online savvy
Impulse buyers
College/Party girl
Age: 40-60
Gender: Female/Male

Suburbs and Urban Areas
United States

Parents buying clothes for their daughters
Birthday and Christmas gifts

Those who are shopping for gifts for those who like shopping at Nasty Gal.
This website needs to be user friendly for those who don't visit the site often

Age: 25-30

City and Urban areas

Older women who are fashion foward
More daring and sexy
Buying clothes for going out to parties and clubs
Buying accessories and Jewelry

Ads on Facebook
Social media browsing
Word of mouth
These women have been buying Nasty Gal or hearing about it now through word of mouth
Nasty Gal offers boutique quality clothing that is exclusive. Many of their designs are vintage, which makes them different from their competitors because they carry products that are very unique. the company has a strong online presence and community that is very user interactive. Nasty Gal has a strong fan base and customer loyalty
Marketing Program
Strategies for the Marketing Mix
Four P's
Product: Brand awareness

Price: Audience investment would be actually attending the party. For people we invite from NY it would be more of an investment for them to travel to LA and stay in the city. For locals and people traveling it would be buying an outfit, transportation, valet, etc. But the event itself would be free. For contest winners we would pay for their travel and hotel cost. (We worked a deal with the hotel where the SKYBAR is located so that the contest winners can stay there)

Place: Mondrian Los Angeles Skybar
8440 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Promotion: The social media contest will be the most effective in achieving our brand awareness goals. The party is a good way to get attention from our fan, social media, and our guests. Our guest will write about the even on their blogs, websites, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. This is our goal so that we can also reach their fans and audiences to promote our brand and create a greater Nasty Gal fan base.
Integrated Marketing
Communication Plan
with One Creative

Evaluation and Control
Rental Agreement with the SKYBAR at the Modrian hotel in Los Angeles
Security deposit for rental space

The SKYBAR at the Mondrian Los Angeles offers spectacular view of the city skyline. The hotel provides state-of-the art audio-visual and telecommunications equipment as well as flat panel monitors for audio-visual playback, smart boards, and a menu for food that can be catered for our event
This will be an exclusive event. We will be inviting fashion publications, top fashion bloggers, models, and LA and NY socialites. We also hired NY "It Girl" Hannah Bronfman to DJ the event. Nasty Gal's CEO Sophia Amoruso will be Co-Hosting with Rachel Lynch. We will have photographers taking pictures and videos of the event. We will also post the videos on our blog, website, and social media sites so our fans and customers who weren't able to attend can watch the event. We will give the videos and photographs to the guest so they can post them on their sites and blogs as well.

We will also hold a contest for 10 lucky Nasty Gal customers to get tickets to the event. To enter they must like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Tumblr, or sign up for our emailing list. This way we can get more attention and hits on our social media sites. This will help us with our marketing goal of getting more brand awareness.

Risks: Though the event doesn't guarantee more sales or more new customers, we are holding this event to create brand awareness for Nasty Gal. The downside is that this party doesn't necessarily mean that the customers we are attempting to reach out to will go to the site and make a purchase.

Crucial Elements: Our most crucial element is that we invite a variety of guests. We really want to invite people who we can collaborate well with but we also want people who have different styles and aren't dressed head to toe in our styles. We want our guests to be on all different side of the spectrum with completely different followings. If we get our special guests in Nasty Gal and admiring the brand through their social media sites, their fans and followers will hopefully begin to start liking the brand as well. We want to show new customers that Nasty Gal can be worn in a variety of ways and that it can be wearable for the party girl or the conservative girl
Create brand awareness
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