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No description

Samantha Lyles

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Hetalia

-Canada is very gentle and rarely gets upset.
-The other countries often forget about him.
-Has a pet polar bear.
Loud and energetic.

Obsessed with superheroes and hamburgers

Phobia of Ghosts

Has a friend who is an Alien named Tony
Large and intimidating

Simple and Easygoing, yet is very creepy deep down

Loves sunflowers and a certain alcoholic beverage

Brother of Belarus and Ukraine
By Samantha Lyles, Josie Scoggins, Shelby Wittman.
Italy and Romano are brothers. Italy is younger, while Romano is older.

Italy loves Pasta, and Romano love Tomatoes

Italy is carefree and easygoing, and a bit of a coward, while Romano is stubborn, rude and sort of a jerk.
Italy And Romano (South Italy)
Spain is very cheerful and friendly, and took care of Romano when he was young.

He can be very oblivious and insensitive
France is INCREDIBLY flirty and affectionate.
He and England are rivals
Older brother of Italy
Very proud

Germany is very strict and follows the rules.

He and Italy were once enemies, but now Italy clings to him like glue.
Poland is very flamboyant and a cross dresser
He is also slightly childish and eccentric
Ukraine has both large heart and chest.
She tends to cry a lot and says sorry often.
She is very poor and has trouble paying her brother, Russia, for gas.
Russia's younger sister. She is very headstrong and quite scary.
She has a STRONG love for her brother, and demands to marry him.
Austria is very proper, and plays the piano.
England is the foster-father of America.
He has an interest for dark magic and baking(Even though is bad at both)
Has imaginary friends, such as Flying Mint Bunny and others.
Japan is quiet and polite. He enjoys time to himself and cooking.
He is friends with Germany and Italy.
China is part of the Allied forces, though not exactly by choice.
He cooks and cleans for them.
He is very superstitious and likes to be in charge.
he is also classy
look at the eyebrows
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