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Designing a Cold Pack: Which Salt Should Be Used to Make an

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McKenna Clouse

on 4 June 2018

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Transcript of Designing a Cold Pack: Which Salt Should Be Used to Make an

Data Table
Designing a Cold Pack: Which Salt Should Be Used to Make an Effective Cold Pack?
By: Colin, Gia, McKenna, & Ryan

We found that most salts added did not change the temperature with any kind of salt. The lowest the temperature got on one was 21° C which was Ammonium Chloride(NH4Cl) which was our best result, the rest of the salts made the temperature stay constant.
Final Proposal
After completing our experiment we found out that the combination of 1.00 grams of NH4Cl and 30.0ml of water had the lowest temperature of 21.0 degrees celcius
Cold packs consist of 2 different bags, one of them contain water and the other a salt. The cold pack begins to become cold when the pack is squeezed and then the 2 bags mix and the molarity of the concentration increase as well with the solubility.
Background Information
An instant cold pack is a first aid device used to treat injuries. Most commercial instant cold packs contain two plastic bags. One bag contains an ionic compound (a salt), and the other bag contains water. When the instant cold pack is squeezed hard enough, the bag containing water breaks and mixes with the ionic compound. The dissolving of the salt in the water results in a decrease of temperature in the cold pack.
If the water remains constant at 30.0 ml, then the 1.00 gram of different salts will make no impact with the temperature staying the same.
Our Choice
We recommend getting 1.00 grams of the NH4Cl salt to go with 30.0 mL of water because it cooled the ice to the lowest temperature than the other salts.
Why Our Cold Pack Choice Is The Best
Our cold pack is the best because we did many trials and we found the best results for each salts to make the best pack.
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