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Baggage Blunders

No description

Kenza Ghedira

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Baggage Blunders

Baggage Blunders
Immediate and basic corrective action

The efficiency and effectiveness: speed of control system

- The automated system: very high mechanical and computer reability

- Problems should be checked out in advance by computer simulation and achieving repliable delivery

More effective

What role would information controls play in this situation? Customer interaction controls? Benchmarking?

Types of control :
Feedforward, Concurrent or Feedback ?

problems as
they happen
problems after
they occur
Tested the system before opening
Asked for support by the end of the first full day

Reduced waiting time for service improvement (check in ...)

Anticipate problems
Better communication between the different sides (British Airways & Airport)
Software system & Terminal
Test every little functionality of the system

Engage professionals to test system's functionally (automatic doors, treadmills...)
Better experience and skills

Training staff

Provide a large number of personnel


British Airways:
- Biggest airline
- Founded in 1924
- Owns 233 planes
- 222 destination around the world
Terminal 5 (T5)
- In London Heathrow Airport's
- Built by British Airway's for 8.6 billion dollars
- Most technologically advanced airport terminals in the world


Opening day did not work as planned:
- Moving luggage belt not functioning
- Few broken escalators and hand dryers
- Glitches in the terminal's high tech baggage handling system
- Understaffed
=> Major Management Problem and no contingency plan

- Significant financial losses
- Lost bags
- Canceled flights
=> National humiliation and unsatisfied passengers

Even though the unveiling day of the airport facility was disastrous and many loses occurred, those working in terminal 5 knew how to shift the outcome to achieve standard satisfaction of passengers.
information conrols and customer interaction controls
it is important to try and control the information circulating as well as regaining the customer's trust.
minimize bristish ailines financial and national scandale.
prevent difficulties by showing that this type of system may get gaps in it’s performance.
- Introduction:
- Case study questions
- Coclusion
- References
References :
- www.britishaiways.com
- Management book
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