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4RS- Reading, Writing, Respect, and Resolution

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janine phillips

on 12 April 2015

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Transcript of 4RS- Reading, Writing, Respect, and Resolution

Developed in New York by a non-profit, community based organization, called the Morningside Centre for Teaching Social Responsibility
The 4R’s is a grade specific program that runs from K-8.
The curriculum combines Language Arts and SEL through the use of children's literature.
Each grade specific curriculum has 7 units and around 35 lessons, approximately one lesson a week throughout the school year.
teachers engage students by including reading, writing and opportunities for discussion. Each grade has it’s own teaching guide, books and age appropriate activities.
7 Components
Morningside Centre 4Rs Program
Middle School Sample Unit Plan
Use a technology device of your choice (SmartPhone/Tablet), get a free QR code scanner or reader and hold it over the code.
To improve children's emotional, behavioural and academic outcomes through the alleviation of three risk factors.

“ a tendency to interpret ambiguous social cues as hostile;
a general acceptance amongst peers that aggression is an appropriate way to deal with problems;
an inability to appropriately and effectively negotiate with peers.”

(Jones, Aber, & Brown, 2011)

4Rs- Reading, Writing, Respect and Resolution
By: Janine Phillips & Kelly Schofield

1. Building Community
2. Understanding and Handling Feelings
3. Listening
4. Assertiveness
5. Problem-Solving
6. Dealing Well with Diversity
7. Cooperation
Teacher Training

Morningside Center provides training and classroom coaching to prepare teachers to teach weekly lessons based on The 4Rs curriculum.
25 hours of intensive teacher training and coaching is completed in 5 days.
Throughout the following school year, there are a minimum of 12 in class observations to ensure that teachers are supported and implementing the 4Rs with confidence.
Coaching includes a trained expert: modeling lessons and techniques, observe, provide suggestions, and monitor improvement

4Rs among 23 SELect programs identified by CASEL as best in the U.S.
The 4Rs Research Study completed by top researchers from NYU, Fordham Uinversity and Harvard University found that students in schools that were implementing the 4Rs had less aggression, greater social competence, fewer symptoms of depression and ADHD, better attendance and they scored higher on standardized testing.
Teacher Results and Testimonials
Yvonne Ford's Experience
Ford is a Veteran teacher of 17 years and has never received SEL training.
She was invited to participate in a pilot program that provided one-on-one SEL support of teachers during the 2012-13 school year which used the 4R's Program and received monthly SEL coaching.
Ford went into the program wanting to work on her loud tone of voice and tense body language which made her unapproachable or difficult to communicate with.
Ford sees changes not only within her teaching but within her students' response as well.
Jim Knight's Thoughts

Knight says that video is essential because "people don't have a very good picture of what they do" unless they see it.
Knight runs the Kansas Coaching Project and uses a coaching model called My Teaching Partner which is used provide feedback and focuses on ways for teachers to build positive relationships and teach effectively.
Page Stuart
Stuart coached Josh Hunter, a 4th grade teacher at Brooklyn New School and worked on hand signals to remind students to wait their turn and refrain from yelling out as Hunter wanted to foster students' self-discipline.
Stuart is a 4R's Program teacher trainer and coach.
Stuart coached Sherry Hernandez, a 5th grade teacher at P.S. 133, and worked on how to use "put-ups" (compliments and shout-outs) rather than put downs as Hernandez wanted to help students speak more respectfully.
Denise's Story
10 Middle School Components
*This lesson include 10 components which are listed below:
1. Building Community
2. Understanding and dealing with feelings
3. Understanding and respecting others
4. Put-downs and teasing
5. Bullying
6. Sexual harrassment
7. Cultural diversity, prejudice and discrimination
8. Standing up to teasing, bullying,
harassment, and discrimination
9. Problem solving
10. Making a difference.
Bouffard, S. (2014, April 30). Teach the Teachers Well. The New York Times. Retrieved from http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/04/30/teach-the-teachers-well/?_r=1

Jones, S. M., Aber, J. L. & Brown, J.L. (2011). Two-year impacts of a universal school-based social-emotional and literacy intervention: an experiment in translational developmental research. Child Development. 82, 2, p.533-554.

LaRusso, M., Aber, J., Brown, J., & Jones, S. (2010). Improving Classroom Quality: Teacher Influences and Experimental Impacts of the 4Rs Program. Journal of Educational Psychology, 102(1), 153-167. Retrieved March 12, 2015, from http://www.morningsidecenter.org/sites/default/files/documents-pdfs/JournalEdPsych2010.pdf

L.Dennis, personal communication, March 9, 2015.

Morningside Center. (2012). The 4Rs Program. http://www.morningsidecenter.org/4rs-program

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