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No description

Alice kwakye

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of OFWGKTA

OFWGKTA is an American hip hop collective. Domo Genesis Hodgy Beats Left brain Earl Sweat shirt Tyler The Creator Frank Ocean Matt Martians Syd tha Kyd Mike G Hal Williams jasper Dolphin Taco Bennett TYLER OKONMA
*Born 6. march, 1991
*Tyler is sort of the leader of OF
*Also known as wolf haley or Ace CreatoThe Bastard, Unicorn, Table, Purse, Bloxhead, Tyler Okonma.
*He has his own clothing line.
*Tyler started rapping at age 15.
*XL Recordings
*He raps, directs,produces and acts Christopher Breaux
*Born october 28th in 1987
*also known as Lonny Breaux
*Had his first album out in 2012 (orange chanel)
*He his bisexual
*Joined OF somewhere between the years
*Signed to Island Def Jam
*Frank is a singer-songwriter, occasional rapper, produce Thebe Neruda Kgositsile
*Born in february 24th 1994.
*Also known as Sly.
*Most known for his release "Earl".
* Also known as Sly Tendencies, Early Man. Gerard Damien Long
*Born 9th november 1990
*Fellow MellowHype member with Left Brain
*Has a son named Trenton Long.
*Was the first member of OF to release a solo record
*Known for "Rella"
*Signed to Fat Possum Records
*He is of African American and Filipino descent Dominique Marquis Cole
*Born March 9, 1991
*Domo joined because he and tyler where good friends.
*He is a famous idle for OF
* Vyron Dalyan Turner
* Born December 29, 1989
*Is one of the main producers of OF
*Releases nearly all Odd Future
*Is in mellowhype with Hogdy Michael Griffin II
*Born June 6, 1990
*Mike was a fan of Odd Future before he was asked by Tyler, The Creator to join the group
* Joined sometime in 2009.
*Released his first mixtape in 2010 for Wolf gang.
*Remixes some of their songs and he raps Sydney Bennett,
*born April 23, 1992
*Syd is the only female member of OF
*Singer, producer and mixer in the trip-hop group The Internet with Matt Martians.
*Syd is an older sister of the Odd Future member Taco Bennett. Matthew Martin
*Born September 12, 1988
* He is a producer & Illustrator
*He is part of Odd Future groups The Jet Age of Tomorrow and The Internet.
* Also known as Matt, Sweaty Martians and super 3 Hal Williams
*Hal is a rather low key producer and rapper
*he and Matt are together in The Jet Age of Tomorrow

And i can't find any other infomation about hm on the web. He's a ninja. Travis Bennet
*Born on may 16. 1994
*Taco is a occasional rapper, actor and he DJ a little.
*Travis is Syds younger brother Davon Wilson
*Born september 28,1990
* Jasper is an occasional rapper, actor
*He is acctually one of three "founders" of OF
(tyler&taco) Oldie Chum OFWGKTA The jet age og tomorrow/ Earlwolf Mellowhype Left brain Hogdy HAL Syd Matt Tyler Earl The super 3 The internet
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