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No description

Alexius Masters

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Homestuck

Let me tell you... about HOMESTUCK Plot Line Exiles Guardians How it began.... Our great creator... Quadrants SHIPS!! Andrew Hussie All fans love to
hate him and hate
to love him. Ships are pairings that are out there, your ships
are the pairings you support support. There are four relationship options between
characters. Homestuck begins when 13 year-old John Egbert receives a beta copy of an upcoming computer game, Sburb, in the mail. The game triggers a meteor attack on his house, surviving by transporting to another planet placing him in Sburb. Friends Rose, Dave, and Jade join the game with him and learn that they have triggered the end of the world, and that they have to see the story through to its completion. OTP= One True Pairing Pairings you'll support til the end.
John Egbert: ectoBiologist/ghostyTrickster Jake English: golgothasTerror
Rose Lalonde: tentacleTherapist Roxy Lalonde:
Dave Strider: turntechGodhead Dirk Strider: timaeusTestified
Jade Harley: gardenGnostic Jane Crocker: gutsyGumshoe Humans John Egbert Rose Lalonde Dave Strider Jade Harley Jake English Roxy Lalonde Dirk Strider Jane Crocker Trolls Title: Heir of Breath
Age: 16. Birthdate is April 13th, 1996
Quirk: Regular syntax, does not capitalize the
first letter of his sentences, occasionally multiplies
vowels and ending punctuation by eight.
Planet: Land of Wind and Shade
Likes: Really terrible movies, paranormal lore,
pranks, friends
Hates: Harlequins, Betty Crocker, baked goods,
peanuts (allergic) Title: Seer of Light
Age: 16. Birthday is December 4th, 1995
Quirk: Perfect syntax and capitalization (rare)
Planet: Land of Light and Rain
Likes: Psychoanalysis, creative writing, strange beasts, Wizards, knitting
Hates: Feigned interest in Wizards, Wizard statues Title: Knight of Time
Age: 16 (December 3rd, 1995)
Quirk: No capitalization unless stressed, no punctuation
except for occasional ellipsis and single/multiple question marks.
Planet: Land of Heat and Clockwork
Likes: Sick beats, phat rhymes, weird preserved dead
things, irony
Hates: Puppets Title: Witch of Space
Age: 16, Birthday is December 1st, 1995
Quirk: no capitalization or use of apostrophes, but frequent emoticon use and an overall enthusiastic attitude
Planet: Land of Frost and Frogs
Likes: Gardening, nuclear physics, gadgetry, anthropomorphic fauna
Hates: Big game trophies, mummies, rude trolls Title: Page of Hope
Age: 16 (presumably born December 1st, 1995)
Quirk: No capitalization after the first letter of a sentence. No apostrophes only terminal punctuation. Tends to use asterisks when emphasizing something and capitalize for emphasis. Frequently employs antiquated vocabulary.
Planet: Land of Mounds and Xenon
Likes: Skulls, All Movies, Girls of a Cerulean Complexion, Fisticuffs, Adventure, Firearms
Hates: Peanuts (allergic) Title: Rogue of Void
Age: 16 (Possibly born December 4th, 2409)
Quirk: Frequent spelling errors, will correct some errors by
prefacing the next line with an asterisk. Nno consistent
punctuation or capitalization except for emphasis. Uses some
abbreviations and other text messaging shorthand drops g
from words ending in -ing.
Planet: Land of Pyramids and Neon
Likes: Wizards, retro gaming, hacking, esoteric
sciences, felines Title: Prince of Heart
Age: 16 (Possibly born December 3rd, 2409)
Quirk: Perfect grammar and syntax. More kickin' rad
subtleties than can be spelled out, yo. Also uses bropuns at
Planet: Land of Tombs and Krypton
Likes: Puppets, Robots, Philosophy, Mythology,
Horses/Ponies, Robo-Death-Matches, Katanas,
Rapping, Artificial Intelligence Title: Maid of Life
Age: 16. Birthdate is 4/13/96
Quirk: Speaks with perfect grammar and syntax,
and uses the occasional emote.
Planet: Land of Crypts and Helium
Likes: Baking, practical jokes, detective stories
(especially Problem Sleuth), amateur botany
(formerly), mustachioed funny men,
frightening fauna. Post-Scratch trolls

Aradia Megido Tavros Nitram Sollux Captor Karkat Vantas

Nepeta Leijon Kanaya Maryam Terezi Pyrope Vriska Serket

Equius Zahhak Gamzee Makara Eridan Ampora Feferi Peixes Pre-scratch trolls

Damara Megido Rufioh Nitram Mituna Captor Kankri Vantas

Meulin Leijon Porrim Maryam Latula Pyrope Aranea Serket

Horuss Zahhak Kurloz Makara Cronus Ampora Meenah Peixes Ancestors The Handmaid
The Summoner
The Ψiioniic/The Helmsman
The Signless/The Sufferer
The Disciple
The Dolorosa
Neophyte Redglare
Marquise Spinneret Mindfang
Executor Darkleer
The Grand Highblood
Orphaner Dualscar
Her Imperious Condescension Cherubs Upon hatchingSburb Logo, cherubs resemble a green snake with a skull-shaped head, with a red and green eye as well as a red and green cheek swirl and a striped black and white tongue. During this time the two personalities mingle together in the same body. Immediately after hatching, the egg shell is consumed for its vital nutrients. Directly following this first meal the cherubs' personality splits into the two distinct halves. This is also when they pupate into their humanoid form. Even as infants, cherubs display attributes of their alignment. Each of the eight Homestuck Kids has a unique Guardian that watches over them. They are typically drawn with minimal facial features, though this is purely stylistic. They all singularly raise their respective children without outside help for unknown, possibly coincidental, reasons. In addition, Guardians can never be told what to do. Neither the omnipotent kind, nor the ordinary kind who raise kids in houses. Exiles are carapacians that have been exiled from their Incipisphere and live on post-apocalyptic planets after the Sburb players have left it and it has been wiped clean by The Reckoning. Their purpose is to reintroduce civilization to the planet and assist the Sburb players that previously inhabited the planet.
There have been five main exiles for both the post-Scratch trolls' session and the pre-Scratch kids' session. On pre-Scratch Earth, the white queen also brought several other Prospitians. Caliborn and Calliope act as pseudo-Exiles for the post-Scratch kids (the Earth being destroyed in that universe, coupled with there being no reckoning in their session), while Andrew Hussie himself plays a similar role for Caliborn's session. On September 4, 2012, Andrew Hussie announced a Kickstarter to raise funds for a Homestuck video game.[10] Development begins in 2013, with the finished product expected in 2014. Kotaku noted that the project had raised "more than $275,000 in hours".[11] More than 80% of the $700,000 goal was pledged in the first day.[12][13] The game reached the full $700,000 of funding in fewer than 32 hours.[14] The campaign also reached certain "stretch goal" amounts, whereupon Hussie added Mac and Linux support onto the proposed game.[15] Digital Trends writer Graeme McMillan commented that the campaign was approaching, at the time, the record for most successful comics-related Kickstarter campaign, whose previous record was held by the Order of the Stick campaign with $1,254,120.[16] The Kickstarter eventually raised $2,485,506, making it the "fifth game on Kickstarter to pull in a full seven figures" and the third highest funded video game in Kickstarter history at the time, and an additional Paypal-based fundraiser was created to accommodate those who could not donate via Kickstarter's available methods. Video game Kickstarter
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