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New Grad, New Life: 8 common rookie mistakes to avoid

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Alison Asher White

on 23 May 2018

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Transcript of New Grad, New Life: 8 common rookie mistakes to avoid

NEW GRADS stop networking.
Don't be complacent
Be an active alum
NEW GRADS Spend more time on their computer than with people.
NEW GRADS don’t communicate effectively.

give proper notice when sick or requesting vacation

NEW GRADS bash the boss.
make your supervisor look good
Up to you to make an impression
establish a positive working relationship
NEW GRADS assume good work will be recognized.

make your accomplishments known
brush up on business etiquette
practice self-awareness
NEW GRADS don’t plan for performance reviews.
make your self-evaluation a priority
Track your accomplishments
where do you want to be in 5 years?
OUTLINe a career development plan
request support from your boss
NEW GRADS leave their first job
too early and burn bridges.
job hopping becoming more popular
stay in first job 18 months
give 2-3 weeks notice when quitting
don't bad-mouth anyone
show gratitude
NEW GRADS think going to grad school
is the best way to continue learning.
truly consider if you need grad school
taking advantage of continuing education opportunities sponsored by your job
sign-up for an online course
Learn at your own pace with iTunes U
Find a mentor

keep work relationships professional
be responsive
understand that perception is reality
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