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Fashion Gone Wild

No description

Tavella Arden

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Fashion Gone Wild

Animal Cruelty
* Causes harm to the environment
* Leads to animal extinction
* Connection to human violence
Fur Farming
* 1 fur = 1 animal got abused
* 3 types of traps:
- conibear traps
- water-set traps
- steel-jaw traps
* Killed on the age of 7-10 months
* Bludgeoned, their necks stomped on, strangled with wire nooses, and are then hung by their hind legs/tails and skinned alive
* Placed in small wire cages, no proper treatment
* Exhibit stereotypy

Animal Testing
* Testify toxins before using it for products
* Our cells are different from animals
* Alternatives to animal testing:
-computer modeling system
-human blood
-vitro testing
* Force-fed massive doses, forced inhalation, skin absorption
* Draize Test, carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, skin sensitization

Environmental Harm
* Waste from fur farm include nitrogen and phosphorus
* Cause respiratory problems, possible carcinogens
* Animal bodies contaminated with dangerous toxic and disease are thrown away after testing
* It releases carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, etc.

Fashion Gone Wild
By: Tavella Arden Wihardji
Declining Biodiversity
* Sixth mass extinction
* Elephants are poached for their ivory
* Indirect human activity: development activities (building roads)
* Climate change

Human Violence
* Animal cruelty is a sign of human violence
* Children who perform cruelty towards animal will most likely leads to extreme violence
* This happens because they want to relinquish their anger
* They let go of their anger to animals because they are helpless & more vulnerable
* The sound of animals' howl and breaking bones are pleasurable to these serial killer
* Refuse to purchase fur, wear faux fur instead
* Buy cruelty-free products
* Donate to some organization (PETA)
* Education
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