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Sharpit 2: Rise of the Guava Balus

The Story of Garvit

Abosh Upadhyaya

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Sharpit 2: Rise of the Guava Balus

depiction of history
Abosh Upadhyaya
Carter Stouppe
, and
Tejas Iyer
It all started on
December 13, 2001
*, when
Garvit "Sharpit" Dhingra was born....
Garvit was a
cute, and very
humorous baby.
He loved
Garvit, 2 yrs.
. He is about
change Garvit's life
The problem with Garvit was
that he would
start to touch lots of people
In comes Aardvark, and he is also about to
change Garvit's life
One day, Garvit got a baseball cap
for the team the "Eastlake Tigers".
Garvit is
quickly obsessed with this
You see, Garvit
liked this cap a lot
. And
when people stole it from him, he
became very
So, one day, Garvit
decided he
couldn't take
it anymore
. So he decided
avenge his cap's
dreadful torture.
And, Garvit turned into...

It was a
worldwide phenomenon
Sharpit Dinky II (his nickname)
, was the most infamous villain of the century! Even the great
Shauryay Man couldn't stop him!
So then, what do
The Bush and Aardvark
have to do with this story?
Good question.
Remember when I told you that
The Bush + Aardvark were going to
change Garvit's (or Sharpit's) life?
Well, here's why.
Flash back about
70 years ago, to June of 1944
, the same month of the Normandy Landings, better known as
Well, while the Allied troops were positioned at Omaha Beach, one Allied soldier found something which would spark a revolution. What was this something? This something was the
BakGan master card (not to be confused with Bakugan)
. The BakGan master card
held the power to unleash pure evil on humanity
. It is classified by the U.S. Government at "Grade-A Weapon". If you don't know what that means, it means something REALLY bad.
It just so happened that
Garvit Dhingra got a hold on the BakGan master card.
Because Garvit got a hold of the master card,
he became angry and turned into Sharpit Dinky II.
So, the US Government needed an
elite team of BakGan experts
save the world from Sharpit's wrath.
Guess who was in this elite team.
The team included The Bush + Aardvark, Shauryay Man, Brick Bowel, Sam the Miller, Karthik, the King of Haikuns, Eeshan the Annoying, John the Boy, and, of course, BATMAN!!
Aardvark + The Bush were both the rank of BAKGAN CHANCELL0R! They were both masters of the BakGan!
Shauryay Man is pretty self-explanatory...I mean, he is Shauryay.
Brick Bowel has the power of "The Little Brick", which unloads
1,000 tons of sewage waste onto the enemy.

#TrueAmerican, #OnlyinAmerica
Sam the Miler, is a professional pickpocket, and a gum (GUM, not gun) dealer. His expertise also includes messing up art projects by doodling on the back of them.
#TwerkLikeAPro, #dgnoir*
#RealTalk, #SMACKCAM
Karthik, the King of Haikuns, is skilled in the art of annoyingness. He is owner of "Haikuns", an acronym which stands for
Help American Idiots Kill Utraviolet Neutron Stars".
#ScienceIsMyLIFE #Geeksvs.Nerds
You can call Karthik annoying, but he will never surpass Eeshan the Annoying in annoyingness. Eeshan is so annoying, he
can make Chuck Norris pee his pants after talking with him for 5 minutes.
And finally, BATMAN!!!! Batman is the most awesome of them all, he doesn't need a description, he's so awesome!
John the Boy, a hyperactive child since birth, his favorite saying is "More juice!!!!". His super power is puking pi (pronounced "pie").
So, the elite team moved out. But where? To Sharpit's evil city.
His evil city was called Guava Balu Chaluh'a'a Falafel. It was located on the island of Barfit.
The island of Barfit was the most dangerous place in the world. Over the years, Sharpit had captured the friendly monsters from the BakGan world and the world of Marnia (not to be confused with Narnia), and turned them against BakGan citizens. These monsters roamed the island of Barfit, looking for BakGan citizens to eat.
The team had directions to infiltrate the island, and steal the BakGan master card. The mission was considered suicide. The team needed a form of transportation, so they decided to steal Air Force One (the president's royal jet). But how did they do it?
Brick Bowel pooped 1,000 pounds of sewage waste onto the White House, giving the elite team a window of time to "borrow" Air Force One.
In 20 minutes, the BakGan elite team was cruising at 450 miles per hour over the Atlantic Ocean. They were eating a five course meal. And all five courses were the same. But what food was it?
It was Kenyan falafel, with real African mongoose sweat. It was legit.
And they were healthy. Because they were high in Bifidobacterium (which is a vitamin, by the way).
"1 minute till landing." There was sweat beating down the foreheads of the BakGan elite team. They were
scared as a little chihuaha when he first sees a clown
. In other words, they were pretty fly-sauce. And that means they were pretty confident.
All relations to living things or persons are
purely coincidental
(although there may be a few references, but that's pretty much it).
*Proven by accurate resources
The window of the jet opened, and the members of the elite team lined up near the door. They were going to jump. They were wearing jumpsuits. But what were they made of?
They were the Miley Cyrus twerking suits. Like, the white ones.
The US thought these jumpsuits were good because they were "light" and "easy to run in".
They jumped, and the built in parachutes that were part of the jumpsuits were released, and the elite team was flying towards the island of Barfit.
*Code for a word
They landed in a clump of bushes, and they silently got out, for they saw a Nihario (a monster from the BakGan world) roaming the woods around them. They crept up behind the creature, and suddenly Eeshan distracted the monster by talking. The monster was so overwhelmed, it fainted, and John the Boy killed the animal with his acidic "pi juice".
Batman pulled out his iPhone 10 S and decided to open up Google Maps. Aardvark asked Batman how he had Internet in the middle of nowhere. Batman simply replied, "I don't need Internet. I'm Batman."
Batman set a beacon on Sharpit. The elite team decided to follow Sharpit. But where was Sharpit located?
He was located in the Woods of GarFart (according to Batman).
And so, the elite team headed towards the Woods of Garfart.

#JigglingKats #LongOctopusLegs

As they were walking, the team came across the Ghost of Guava Balu. But there was something else behind this. But what was it?
The Ghost of Guava Balu was holding Sara Duuustcher (emphasis on the u).
Now, just because the team was on a secret mission doesn't mean that they couldn't help innocent bystanders.

Sara Duuustcher happened to be an innocent bystander.

But, to save Sara, the team needed the best of the best to defeat the Ghost of Guava Balu.
So, the team brought out the most flysauce of the flysaucers; the most swag of the swagger; the most legit of the legit.... The team brought out...
So, Aardvark and TheBush moved out to kill the Ghost of Guava Balu. "We challenge you to a BAKGAN BATTLE!", Aardvark exclaimed.
The monster was enraged. He accepted the BakGan battle.
Aardvark and TheBush pulled out their stash of balls. But what did these balls contain?
They contained BakGan Bros!


BakGan Bros are like Pokemons. They are controlled by BakGan masters to battle against other people. While in a BakGan battle, it is extremely dangerous to think of anything else besides BakGan.
The Ghost of Guava Balu pulled out his own set of balls.
And they were PokeTron balls, one of the most dangerous balls of all time.
And these balls were really dangerous. Like, they were gigantic and stuff. The team was in awe.
Sam the Miller dropped his gum, Eeshan lost his voice, Shauryay Man freaked out, Batman stood his ground (no duh), Brick Bowel's bowels got clogged, Karthik started barfing up math lasers, John the Boy ate 44 pies in 4 seconds, and Aardvark and TheBush just stood there.
But Karthik's math lasers were too powerful! They hit the PokeTron balls and the balls blew up causing the Ghost of Guava Balu to blow up! The Ghost was defeated!
And so, the elite team continued their journey...

TO MARNIA!!!!!!!

J.K. They were going to the middle of the island of GUAVA BALU!
END! OF CHAPTER 1!!!!!!!

This also means bathroom break.
Follow us:

NSTAGRAM - @thebush007
GOOGLE+ - Hrik Bhowal
The elite team moved through the forest. But, they saw something crazy!
It was the evil monster,
(not to be confused with D-D-D-DHOOM MACHALEY!)!!!!!!
! A girl, Sara Douchebag, was being held captive, by Derp Macherplerp!
Shauryay Man was super mad!!! He yelled, "YOU SUCK, DERP MACHERPLERP!!!!!"
Derp Macherplerp turned around. He was enraged. He said, "I WILL DESTROY YOU, SHAURYAY MAN!!!"

And so he destroyed Shauryay Man.
Like, he literally killed him. He was no more.
And no one even buried him. They just left him there. Well, actually, someone threw him in a pile of bricks, but that was pretty much it.
And so the elite team continued on their journey.
Sharpit was angry. He was angry because he hated TheBush and Aardvark. And he had just realized that they had infiltrated his island. So he was REALLY mad.
Sharpit decided that it would be dumb to start sending more of his monsters because the monsters kept on being killed by the elite team. So he waited.
And he waited...
VINE - The Plebians
And a man named Pravar Doobey came to Sharpit.
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