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Account Management 101

No description

on 30 December 2013

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Transcript of Account Management 101

WHAT IT IS - "The face of the agency"
The AS (Account Services) representative is the liason between the agency and the client and the mediator between the creative (and other departments) and the client

Dedicated client resource committed to understanding, communicating, and executing on a client's brand promise, company values, and marketing strategy

Represents a larger department of client services, committed to management of overall account health, team education, morale, and tactical execution aligned with client objectives

Positioned as a "client-partner" working closely with client stakeholders to build client relationships while delivering a balance of strategic and tactical leadership
WHAT IT ISN'T - Client "Friend" or "Creative"
AS people have to be careful to balance relationship building with professionalism and remember that they are service providers.
Goal is to build reppore and trust, while listening and attending to client requests in a professional manner.

AS people are rarely "creative" in the traditional sense, and barring an unfathomably tight deadline and blind eye from the creative director, AS does not create stuff.
They aid in creative development by helping to educate the team on client's goals, guidelines, and briefs as well as guide process as the client's brand steward
What client's expect in their account people
1:1 or 1:N communications
AS should be the first and last line of contact to maintain 1:1 or 1:N communication stream in order to help manage flow of communication and make things easier on clients

Setups, Closes & Recaps
AS should own scheduling all meetings with clients and client partners with the exception of production heavy, PM owned check-ins:

Sets up and closes meetings:

AS should be the bookend for all meetings, introducing the teams, setting up the agenda, summarizing key points, and closing the converstion.

Post meeting summary:
AS sends clients formal conference reports documenting discussion points, next steps, and ownership of action items
Inputs & Outputs
Typically, AS handles the following:

Gathering assets from the client

Distrubting input & assets to the team

Delivery of all administrative and creative deliverables (should include setup, rationale and questions)
What it can be sometimes
AS needs to balance providing strategical guidance with management of tactical execution, so...


...they need to play the role of Project Manager, Art Director, copywriter, QA, Brand Manager, or whatever else is necessary to....

Keep the client HAPPY
3 Areas of Focus
When a relationship is commenced, it is a primary task to pitch new ideas to clients.
AS works closely with creative and production to brainstorm, develop, and present to clients but it should be the responsibility of AS to manage the collection and communication of feedback/direction from the client.

AS must be vigilant to the happiness of their clients, paying strict attention to the success of campaigns and client generated feedback. In addition, they must always be on look out for new opportunities to grow the business, reach more client contacts, and ways to show that the agency is a "good partner" and "thought-leader."

AS usually have multiple clients so they needs to know several different brands, processes, and platforms. Juggling is part of the job. It means that AS must judiciously organize their time in order to approach each of their clients often, usually daily.
Areas of Responsibilities
Client subject matter expert - the "brand steward"
Liaison between client and agency
Day-to-Day client lead contact
Existing client relationship maintenance and new client relationship development
Development of value-add proposals, strategy presentations, POVs, and briefs (with Strategy/Planning)
Client marketplace and competitive research
Industry knowledge

Educator of internal teams on client's brand, goals, processes, and guidelines
Client finance management - manager of budget/scope/billing
Auditor of creative work (brand guidelines, strategy, and brief compliance)
Scheduling meetings with clients, internal departments, or partners
Meeting setup, close, and reporting
What does this all mean for Kenwood?
New department creation + appropriate staffing = A new model
= Better client services and more work

Different team dynamic and communication flow

Area's of responsibility shift

Client expectations, perceptions, and training

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