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Jeppesen Internship

No description

Chris Sadhoo

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Jeppesen Internship

Project Coordinator
Jeppesen Dispatch Control (JDC)
Sent out schedules and master schedule for team on a weekly basis
Assisted editing burndown charts using data from the program
Manage and update Primavera P6 for JDC
Assist in the Change Control Board (CCB) for JIRA tickets
Create a new home JDC page on Confluence
Updated documents to prepare for PMBP Assessment
Assisted creating a template for the Change Control Policy for CCB
Developed a new company wide Confluence page for the JDC program
Maintained and updated Primavera to match current schedule
Updated the PMBP Formal Assessment documents
Learned how to work with the "Waterfall" methodology within a team
Learned how to work with the "Agile/agile" methodology within a team
Lessons Learned
No "I" in Team
Time Management
Don't hesitate to help others
Customer Satisfaction
Christopher Sadhoo
Flemington, New Jersey
Lived in the Cote d''Azure (Southern France) for 5 years
Purdue University
Major: Aviation Management
Aviation Technology Teacher's Assistant and Tutor
Fencing Co-Captain
Developed an Engine Monitoring System at Purdue University for the Aviation Maintenance Department.
Special Thanks to everyone involved in my summer experience!
Manager/Mentor: Maddie Yates

Renee Ottmar
Jason Swineford
Shawn Conley
Nick Boley
Leo Fitzpatrick
Jeppesen Interns 2013

Jeppesen Internship 2013
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