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The Journey from Lead to Start

Focus on Follow-Up

Allison Sievers

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of The Journey from Lead to Start

The Journey from Lead to Start First Call MAIN OBJECTIVE:
Needs Analysis Follow-Up Strategies Have you called yourself lately? Don't think about everything they'll need to know eventually
-- or everything that you want them to know about. Just one step at a time... Remove assumptions
Build rapport
Probing (digging deeper)
Discover "hot button"
Discover current/possible obstacles
Active listening
Build value in CCU based on needs CALL TO ACTION:
"Next Step" BUILD RAPPORT, GATHER INFO, GIVE INFO APPLY TODAY! Successful sales professionals do not just sell products; they solve problems!
You first have to find out what the customer needs before you can discuss your product or try to "close". 1. Approach/Technique

2. Waiting too long before calling to follow up What does our student need & why change now? Skills Common Mistakes What follow-up strategies do you currently
use when doing callbacks? What have you found is most effective? Least effective? Best practices
for follow-up calls To be effective, think about what your prospect needs next.
Just next. Just give your prospects what's next, with a deadline. That's Too Much Info, Much Too Quick. 1. Re-emphasize the value 1. Re-emphasize the value 3. Sense of urgency, give deadline OBJECTIVE:
Move student to the next step today! May need to revisit/rethink
your entire callback strategy... To keep sales momentum alive, we need to provide value on every interaction--- even on a quick follow-up call. Should include much more than simply giving the lead their next step/ call to action 2. Reflection/Address Hot Button 2. Reflection/Address Hot Button 3. Sense of urgency 5-25 inbound calls per day Your leads don't need you to simply give them CCU facts and procedures, the website does this for them! They need you to talk them through the value of CCU. "I'm just following up to see if you..."
"Checking in with you ..."
"Did you get the info I sent to you?" reaffirm their desire for change "When we spoke on Monday, you mentioned you wanted to make this change because of ..."hot button", ..." "Have you discussed this decision with "buying committee"? "I've been thinking more about our discussion on Tuesday and I forgot to mention some great CCU can help you start your education, and save a great amount time and money. I thought you might be interested in CLEP, DSST, PLA.... " Yesterday, you agreed that you view starting school as an investment in your future: I want to talk you about the first course all students take, which I believe is a way CCU invests in your success... (Similar student example). I am confident that CCU is a great match for you..." You won't always get a hold of your student.... Effective voicemails... Be Creative Sense of urgency Include "Call to action"/their next step (only 1 step at a time) Provide Deadline Create a voicemail template
*3 days, no app started* Ask a question? State your purpose Give your contact info
(slowly and clearly) Keep it short, 30seconds or less Be honest about intention, set expectation: "The reason for my call is..." Focus on solution to their problem Stand out! Who have you told?
Their thoughts? Set the expectation Give
Deadline & 3 day app deadline ID in 2 days FAFSA in 3 days DSA in 2 days SLOW TRACK: SET UP DSA TO GAIN ACCESS TO EVAL FOR CLEP/DSST, PLA (classes needed) Login to WebAdvisor, Send Email Template #4 "How-to REG" Sample statements... Reg in 2 days Can get registered in 5 days Your key to success! ... this includes leaving voicemails... Follow-up calls make up the majority of your day 50-150 outbound calls per day Let's do the math... DID YOU KNOW??

Students who start within 30 days from inquiry are more successful: higher retention and graduation rate! Don't give away the farm on the first call GREAT IDEA: Pique Interest Make it simple. FOCUS ON FOLLOW-UP ??? ??? ???
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