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Pure Delight Business Plan Presentation

No description

Caitlin Tenorio

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Pure Delight Business Plan Presentation

Pure Delight Pure Delight is a partnership... Caitlin Tenorio Gabbie Lagutang and -17 years old
-attends the Academy of Our Lady of Guam as a Junior
-work experience as an employee at Expressions Studios
-co-owner Vision Statement Pure Delight’s vision is to bring to the public, mainly the youth- but not excluding adults and elderly-, a fresh, upbeat line of assorted cupcakes. We strive to create a sweet satisfaction for everyone’s sweet tooth; and we will provide customers with friendly service and a smile. Mission Statement The mission statement of Pure Delight’s is to provide the public, mainly the youth, with an upbeat place where they can satisfy their sweet cravings; to give pure delight to the customers, as well as friendly service. You can find us on... Or contact us at 989-CAKE (2253) puredelightcupcakes@gmail.com Menu Strawberry Shortcake
Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Truffle
Triple Berry
Orange Citrus Berry
Green Tea
Tirimisu Main Competitors cupcake shop We are located at Why? According to the 2010 Guam Census, there are 19, 685 people living in Tamuning. GPO is central and easily accessible. It serves as an outlet for all ages. Target Market Children ages 6-17 After school "snack" Trends Approximately 4123 6-17 year olds in Tamuning alone. Pure Delight cupcake shop Pure Delight Nike Elmar for Kids ABC Store Entrance Entrance Sketchers Levi's We reach our market through -17 years old
attends the Academy of Our Lady
of Guam as a Junior
-experience in JA for 2 years
(2011 and 2012)
-Assisting with the bookkeeping for Margarita Charters and Oz Cruises Advisers: James Tenorio -manager at K. Sadhwani's Inc.
-Human Resources
-Financial Manager/ Accountant Herbert and Nobuyo Lagutang -Margarita Charters
-sole proprietors Financial Projections $4.50 ea.
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