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5 Culture Industries

No description

Brett Mills

on 13 February 2012

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Transcript of 5 Culture Industries

Culture Industries Theodor Adorno Max Horkheimer Walter Benjamin Jürgen Habermas culture as a commodity “The cultural commodities of the industry are governed … by the principle of their realization as value, and not by their own specific content and harmonious formation.”
Adorno, Theodor (1991 [1975]) ‘Culture Industry Reconsidered’, in The Culture Industry: Selected Essays on Mass Culture, London: Routledge, p96.
similar to other industries
profit motive
rationalized organisational procedures
‘mass culture’
standardized, passive consumption
"seem[s] to fit in with totalitarian creeds" source: http://www.ukfilmcouncil.org.uk/article/17779/UK-Box-Office-3---5-February-2012, accessed 13 February 2012. source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/chart/singles, accessed 13 February 2012. method: political economy Du Gay, Paul (1997) Production of Culture / Cultures of Production, London: Sage, p3. political economy examines:
distribution of income
patterns of ownership and control
nature(s) of market economies
Adorno, Theodor (1991 [1975]) ‘How to Look at Television’, in The Culture Industry: Selected Essays on Mass Culture, London: Routledge, p142. creative industries: UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport (2011) 'Creative Industries Economic Estimates', London: DCMS, p18. Adorno argues:
the culture industries fundamentally change the role(s) of culture in society
we have moved from culture produced by the people to culture produced for the people
culture has become a commodity
summary FTVF1F12 – Interrogating Culture
Week 5
Brett Mills Culture Industries 1. consumed by lots of people
2. made to be consumed by lots of people
3. not 'art' / not 'quality'
4. made by the people Williams, Raymond (1983 [1976]) 'Keywords', revised edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp236-8.
defining 'popular culture' The Frankfurt School made by the people
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