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Oh Hell

AP Lang Conelly P.1

Nora Bates

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Oh Hell

Baptism Holy Bible Atonement
(purpose of Christ's death) Christ Himself Satan and Demons The Church Sorces of Doctrine Catholic
Accepted at all ages
First process upon entering church Baptist
Not accepted as infants
Burrying old life and walk into life
with newness to christ
Both denominations are strong believers in the
Holy Bible both the New and Old Testaments.
Both denominations believe that Chist died to open up the gates of Heaven and to take away our sins. Catholic
One in the same God,
both Father and Son Baptist
Reconciliation between
both God and Man Catholic
Bible, church fathers, popes,
bishops, and catholic councils.
Holy Bible only.
No creeds or humanly devised
Statan is a pure, powerful and evil spirit.
Demons are fallen angels who can never repent.
Believe in acctuallity of satan, though they do not perceive him as the red figure with horns, a long tail, and a pitchfork. Baptist
A place to celebrate the coming of Jesus and the universal reign of God Catholic
Governed by peter and the bishops in communion with him.
Christian Denominations Catholic & Baptist The Inferno of Dante In the Christian view of the underworld that Dante presented in Inferno, being in Hell is the ultimate separation from God. Religious pilgrammage through hell and invisioned it his own way.
Believer in afterlife. How is it visioned? Creeds & confessions
focus on The Apostles' Creed and The Nicene Creed. These creeds are public statements in faith where people confess their belief in jesus.
Creed=believe Baptist
Generally avoid creeds or confessions that might compromise commitment to Scripture as sole rule of faith
After life Catholic
Eternal hell is the final destination, and for those who have comitted moral sins while purgatory is a temporary destination for those who have comitted venial sins.
A final destination for all unbelieving individuals and created for punishment in eternal, concious torment.
Prayer Catholic
Pray to God, Mary, and a numerous
amount of saints. Baptist
Only pray to God
He to become familiar with his own conduct in the face of death Christianity Nora Bates
AP Lang
P.1 Conelly
O Hell project
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