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Qualitative Research Methods

DPS 884

Rae Johnson

on 20 June 2018

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Transcript of Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative Research Methods
Able to critically evaluate qualitative research for rigor, ethics, and diversity considerations
Able to evaluate a range of qualitative methodologies
Able to engage in qualitative inquiry from a somatic depth perspective
Assignment Three
Conduct and transcribe a brief interview, analyze it, and write it up using embodied depth methods
Assignment One
Study Parsing Paper

Find a published study in your area of interest that employs a qualitative method that intrigues you
Identify key elements and evaluate rigor
Assignment Two
Oral exam on key ideas in qualitative research, using the Tibetan Buddhist "warrior" tradition
Exam will be held the morning of Session Three
Designed to build increasing knowledge and skill in somatic depth approaches to qualitative research
Session Three
Data collection, transcription, analysis and writing from an embodied depth perspective
Practice interviews
Practice analysis
Practice writing
Session Two
1. Diversity and equity
2. Introducing a variety of qualitative methods:
narrative inquiry
grounded theory
heuristic research
arts-based research
Session One
Essential elements
Applied research ethics
Criteria for rigor
Course Structure
Session One
Understanding qualitative methods
Session Two
Exploring a range of qualitative methods
Session Three
Gathering, analyzing, and presenting data

Course Overview
Blend of didactic and experiential work
Focused on literacy and skill building
Three assignments
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