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Genesis World Mission 2011-12 Annual Report

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Genesis World Mission

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Genesis World Mission 2011-12 Annual Report

2011-2012 Annual Report Genesis International Ndumberi Kenya
2003-2012 Burangi Kenya
2010-present Genesis International leads, coordinates, and encourages sustainable human health services through local and international partnerships in under-served countries. Integrated medical, dental, counseling clinic serving rural community in Central Kenya
Labor & Delivery ward opened in June 2011
28,913 medical encounters this year
1426 dental encounters this year Celebrating a World of Partners Garden City Community Clinic An integrated medical, dental and mental health home for lower-income uninsured people Medical Clinic
Served a total of 1218 medical patients over the year by adding 1/2 time Nurse Practitioner and Volunteer Coordinator to staff
Started year with 450 active patients and ended with 700
Still had to turn away 668 patients for lack of capacity or who were too complicated to care for
Provided 695 appointments for patients worth a value of $174,192
73% reported dramatic improvement in periodontal health
86% reported our dental care improved their smile
68% reported an improved ability to eat based on dental care
Added 1/2 time social services coordinator/ counselor who supervises volunteer providers
Now screens nearly all patients for depression
Provided 1006 Social Work Consultations
Provided 251 mental health sessions with psychiatrist, psychologist or counselor GAPMed (Genesis Assisted Pharmaceuticals) Volunteer Physicians Network A SW Idaho Network of specialists, labs, and hospitals who have been organized to provide care for patients of regional safety-net clinics Donated care for 971 patients
1230 appointments/procedures
40 donated surgeries
$980,000 worth of donated care covering 31 specialty areas
Only 11 patients didn't show up for their appointment Partnering Safety-Net Clinics Canyon County Community Clinic
Family Medicine Residency of Idaho
Friendship Clinic
Garden City Community Clinic
McCall Community Care Clinic Creating "Total Health Village" in partnership with MAP International
Performed medical camp outreach in August 2011
Clinic construction started January 2012
Clinic walls and roof completed May 2012 International Partners Downtown Boise ID Rotary Club
Salisbury MD Rotary Club
Malindi Kenya Rotary Club Boise Valley Christian Communion Garden City Community Clinic
Major Partners Julius C Jeker Foundation
Harry W Morrison Foundation
Sunrise Rotary Foundation
Sell Charitable Foundation
Boise Valley Christian Communion
Idaho Community Foundation
All Saints Presbyterian Church
Patterson Foundation Our Volunteers Last year at Genesis, over 215 volunteers provided 7332 hours of donated labor, valued at $168,768 82% of patients reported experiencing less pain after treatments
72% reported improved exercise habits
64% report an improved diet
87% report improved access to medical supplies and medications
88% report knowing more about their health than before Medical Outcomes Mental Health Dental Clinic This year, the Dental Clinic initiated asking for patient donations as a way of helping them be better partners in their own care.
Most were grateful for the opportunity to contribute. The Jesus Fund VPN Partners Volunteer Physicians Network facilitated Applies for donated medications from Rx Companies
Supplies limited prescriptions through Clinic
Contracts with Ladd Pharmacy for $4 patient co-pays
Last year provided 3900 monthly prescriptions at little to no cost for patients 2011-2012 GAPMeds Financial Review Our Donors Expenses by Program Garden City Community Clinic (62%) In-Kind ($323,922) Cash ($282,980) Volunteer Physicians Network (8%) Cash ($76,405)
In-Kind ($2,889) International (11%) Cash ($98,202)

In-Kind ($7,101) Domestic Development ($1695!) Administration (6%) Cash ($51,082)
In-Kind ($5,523) Fundraising (14%) Cash ($121,405)
In-Kind ($13,381) Community Clinic Cash Expenses VPN Cash Expenses International Cash Expenses Administration Cash Expenses Fundraising Cash Expenses 1/2 Time N.P. (Clinic Director)
Full Time R.N.
Full Time M.A.
1/2 Time Counselor
1/2 Time Dental Asst.
1/2 Time Dental Manager Full Time VPN Director
3/4 Time Referral Coordinator Portion of International Director Portion of Executive Director
Very Part Time Bookkeeper Full time Fund Development Director
Portion of Executive Director
Portion of International Director
Seasonal event help Income Streams Clinic In-Kind Expenses In addition to restricted program funding, other general support is received from these fine corporations, foundations, churches and organizations. Local Programs Gravity Technologies, Inc.
Greater Boise Rotary Foundation
Idaho Women's Charitable Foundation
Idaho Community Foundation A compelete list of donors by year is available on our web site.
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