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social studies chapter one study guide

mr. kramer's class

ɐʎuɐ dee

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of social studies chapter one study guide

chapter one review land and water water covers 70% of the earth's crust
of that, 97% is saltwater, 3% is freshwater
and only 1% of all the water is drinkable saltwater bodies: -oceans -seas -gulfs -bays -some inland lakes freshwater bodies: -lakes -rivers -streams water land land covers about 30% of the earth's crust five landforms: -hills -mountains -valleys -plains -plateaux forces changing the earth from within also known as internal changes are usually constructive 1. continental drift a theory that assumes all 7 continents were at one time connected, but then broke apart and slowly moved to their present, locations and are still moving 2. tectonic activity the movement of tectonic plates separation of plates
collision of plates
volcanic activity foces changing the earth from without external changes usually destructive weathering the physical and chemical changing of the earth's crust 1. physical:
mechanical, disintergration 2. chemical:
decomposition erosion the wearing away and the moving of earth's materials if you want to study terms and
definitions, go to http://quizlet.com/_3awgr if you noticed an error or need help with this, email me at krazistrawberry@gmail.com thanks for using my study guide!
you're all done now
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