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Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer Analysis

Setting, POV, & Character Analysis

Eleni Prieto

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer Analysis

By: John Grisham Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer Analysis Calenis Malaret- Setting Small City of Strattenburg Setting Waverly Creek ("A wealthy community built around around a twenty-seven hole golf course and protected by gates.") Chapter 4 page 54 Setting Rotary Park ("An old stadium at the edge of the town's center, near the small campus.") Chapter19 page 231 The author wrote this story in 3rd person point of view. Point of View Group Members Alexa Romano- POV Marina Hayes- Character Analysis Ana Carolina Baez- Character Analysis The County Courthouse ("It was the largest building in downtown Strattenburg, where the Duffy Murder Trial was taking place.") Chapter 1 page 5 Public School ("It was a bright class in a strong public school") Chapter 2 page 25 Law Firm of Boone & Boone ("Had it's offices in an old converted house on Park Street") Chapter 3 page 27 Highland Street Shelter ("Every Tuesday night, the Boone family walked a few blocks from there office to the shelter, where they spent a few hours to help the less fortunate.") Chapter 7 page 87 Truman Park ("A big park at the end of Main Street") Chapter 20 page 240 Examples:
1. The story begins with “Theodore Boone was an only child and for that reason usually ate breakfast alone.” Theodore would not talk about himself in that way letting us know that someone else is telling the story.

2. Another quote is, “As Theo cleared his throat, he saw an unmistakable twinkle in his friends eyes”. This quote shows that we are seeing what Theo is doing and seeing, but now in his own perspective. Point of View is the way a story is written. Why do you think he decided to write in this POV and how does it help understand the story? To help us understand what people, other than Theo, are feeling, seeing and/or thinking. Helps us understand the story better. The reader is an outsider looking in at the action. Third Person Point of View gives us a clear understanding between the author and the characters of the story. What is the setting of the story? The setting is where and when the story takes place.
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