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Argentina Clothes

No description

Monique Montgomery

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Argentina Clothes

Argentina Clothes
Guacho Dress
Traditional outfit
Consists of shoes made of ropes and strong canvas, wide brimmed hat(cowboy hat),poncho,and loose pair o trousers(usually tucked inside of long gumboots.
People living in rural areas and villages usually wear guacho dresses.
Guacho is the known as the Argentine cowboy.
Formal Attire
Businessman- dress shirts,suit, and tie.
Women-chic dresses.
Traditional Clothes
Traditional costumes may be worn on special occasions.
The gaucho dress is a traditional outfit.
Bombachos are traditional.
Bombachos- are pants made from strong black cloth and gathered at the ankle.
Modern Fashion
Wears clothes you will most likely find in Europe or North America.
Big style right now is wearing a replica of the Argentina World Cup soccer team jerseys.
Usually worn in urban areas.
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