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Visit Niagara! Enjoy performing dolphins, walruses and sea lions. Look at killer whales as they splash and jump to incredible heights.

Raminder Dhanoa

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Marineland

MARINELAND ATTRACTIONS LOCATION ANIMALS Niagara Falls, Ontario Camping grounds on site! Less than an hour away from Niagara Falls! World's largest steel rollercoaster! World's largest triple tower! Various rides througout the park Animal shows! Deer, Birds, FIsh, Bears and many more non-marine animals! The Sky Screamer goes up to 450ft. Deer Park
History Theme park since 1961 16 total animal deaths so far (mostly from wild-caught whales) Whales and Dolphins! It's WAY better than Wonderland! Compare $87.26 for a Wonderland season pass...
To a $5 Season Pass after one visit at Marineland! Plus, Marineland is both a Zoo and a Theme Park! Seal and Walrus Shows! The Dragon Mountain Rollercoasster is also the World's Largest non-stop Roller Coaster! A very, very, very old poster of Marineland from 1965 Map of Marineland 10 Reasons To Visit Marineland 1. It's only a mile away from niagara falls 2. It's way cheaper than Wonderland 3. It has animals in it 4. Kids will have fun on rides 5. You can learn about marine animals 6. You can feed/pet a whale or dolphin 7. You can observe whales underground in a see-through tank 8. There's animal shows and tricks every day 9. There's amazing rides that break world records 10. There's camping grounds in the park
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