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Parts of the Hoof.

No description

Gerard Laverty

on 13 September 2010

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Transcript of Parts of the Hoof.

Hoo wall: Produced from Cornonary corium
Three layers, Externum, Medium and Internum.
Attached to the Coffin Bone.Inner layer is always whiter.
Grows in a downwards and forwards diection. Oldest wall is the toe on the ground.
Periople: Produced from Perioplic corium. Thin layer on the upper and outer border of the hoof wall. The White Line: Produced from the Terminal Papillae of the Laminar Corium on the border of the Coffin Bone.Attaches the Wall to the Sole on the bottom of the hoof. Same texture as the Frog. Moisture content 50%. The Sole: Produced from the Sole Corium. Covers the bottom of the Coffin Bone. The Frog: Produced from the Frog Corium. Triangular in shape, a wedge on three planes. Central valley called the Central Sulcus above which is the Frog Stay. The Frog Stay: Bulb of the heel: Connection of the Periople to the Frog. Transition zone from skin to hoof. Parts of the Hoof
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