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Impact of Climate Change in Siberia

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Carol Kim

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Impact of Climate Change in Siberia

Impact of Climate Change in
Carol Kim
- Current climate in Siberia
- What are the expected changes in the area?
- How does this effect the habitat of the area?
- What actions can be taken?
Current Climate
- Siberia is most known for the extreme winter weather.

- Temperature rises and gets warmer than the winter season.
- The average temperature rises from 10 °C. to 20 °C.

In the winter
In the summer
- The precipitation in Siberia is not very high.
- Snow in the winter falls in average from 6 inches to 10 inches. (Titus. 2012)
- Majority of precipitation happens during June through August. (Titus. 2012)
What are the expected changes in the area?
- The temperature in Siberia has rose about two degrees Celsius
- However, many scientists have said that Siberia has been accelerating the climate change themselves and not only from global warming. (Lewis. 2012)

- Permafrost is frozen soil which covers most of Siberia.
- They lock greenhouse gases underground.
- Because of the global warming, the permafrost is melting, which releases methane. (Max. 2010)

Forest fires
- Massive forest fires happening in Siberia are sending heaps of smoke worldwide.
- It is getting more and more frequent (every 65 years) because of the climate change caused by global warming.
- During 2003 in Central Siberia, a forest fire swept 15,000 square miles. (Highfield. 2007)

How does this effect the habitat of the area?
Benefits from climate change
- The agriculture in Siberia benefits from the climate change.

- The Siberian taiga, will move north by the end of 21th century.

- Siberia would be dominated by non forested lands and result better agriculture. (Tchebakova. 2012)
Effects of forest fire
- When heavy snow falls after a forest fire, the melting process may cause the topsoil and ashes to erode.
- Harms the ecosystem and inhabitants.

What actions can be taken?
- Siberians have built buildings
- Prevents the thawing
- A Russian scientist, Sergey Zimov is trying to recreate ice age.
- His goal is to recreate grass lands.
- He is bringing back wild animals.
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- Siberia is located in the subarctic climate zone.
- The average temperature in Siberia goes down from -23°C to -45°C.
- The harsh coldness is caused by the strong areas of high atmospheric pressure.

(Sinpetru. 2013)
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