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"The Last Spin"

No description

sophie turner

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of "The Last Spin"

Evan Hunter "The Last Spin" the Two characters in this short story are Dave and Tigo.
Dave is the protagonist
Tigo is the antagonist Characters Setting Place: a basement in New York
Time: night time
Active or passive? Active because they were alone
Others: table in the middle of the room and, the gun (Smith&Wesson .38) Rising Action Conflict: Club vs. club
Events: Dave's club went against the truce
Action: Playing russian roulette Climax: Talking about going to the lake Conclusion: Dave dies and Tigo's club "wins" Theme(s):
Labels shouldn't define who you are.

You shouldn't put yourself up to death so easily because life is precious. central conflict•man vs. society•Dave and Tigo were chosen to represent their gangs and they risked their lives Style and Technique

The author uses certain phrases and slang from the area that the characters in the story are from, New York. He also gives a point of view from one of the characters, that way the reader knows the inner turmoil that they go through. If the story was in third person you would have not found these emotions between the lines. He says explicitly how by the end the characters connect, and decide to quit after one more round. individualize dangerous daring fate respect David Tigo Judgemental Brave Honest He judged Tigo right away and later too. Goes as the rep of his group and doesn't chicken out. Tells David the truth of his opinion and does not lie. Determined He is determined to make a truce now with Tigo.
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