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Animals in Danger of Extinction

Analyze why some animals are threatened, endangered, or extinct.

Clases Aula24LMS

on 29 June 2015

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Transcript of Animals in Danger of Extinction

Animals in Danger of Extinction
to this online lesson.
My name is Lilly Cardoso
I live in León, Guanajuato.
I'm an English teacher for
We will analyze why some animals are threatened, endangered, or extinct.
Dodo Bird
Hairy Mammoth
Saber Tooth Tiger
There are many endangered or threatened animals in the world.
What does it mean?
Tasmanian Wolf
The species is completely disappeared.
Panda Bear
They are in danger of becoming extinct.
Polar Bear
Mountain Lion
They are on the way to becoming endangered.
Which animals are in danger?
Great Apes
How big is the problem?
Numbers have dropped by 80 percent in just 13 years because of humans.
Mekong Giant Catfish
Panda Bear
There are now fewer than 1,000 pandas left in the wild.
There are fewer than 7,000.
The Bali, Caspian, Java and Tasmanian tigers have already become extinct.
Now there are fewer than 100,000.
Is it our entire fault?
Animals have always died out naturally.
Animals become extinct faster because of humans.
Growing population
Interference with our environment
The process of extinction is getting faster
than some species can adapt.
Our world is changing faster
The Reasons
Habitat loss
Illegal hunting
Introduction of foreign species
This leaves animals with no places to live and with nothing to eat.
...is illegal.
Elephant Tusks
How are endangered animals protected?
Laws to protect endangered species
Natural reserves for wildlife
Hunting is limited or illegal
Captivity breeding
Scientists study the animals in the wild
Choose the correct answer.
1. ________ means there are no more animals of a species left.
a. Threatened b. Endangered c. Extinct

2. __________ means a species could disappear, but there is still time to save it.
a. Endangered b. Extinct c. Nocturnal

3. ___________ live in China.
a. Hippopotamuses b. Elephants c. Pandas

4. ___________ is one of the reasons why animals become endangered.
a. Habitat loss b. Protected species c. Fishing

5. ______________ are large areas of land where animals and their habitat are protected.
a. Deserts b. Reserves c. Cages
c) Extinct
a) Endangered
c) Pandas
a) Habitat loss
b) Reserves
Our job is to protect them and help save their environment.
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