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Arabella Allen

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Physical Activity
Physical activity
The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NIH) explains that physical activity is "any body movement that works your muscles and requires more energy than resting."
What is it?
Physical activity is needed in our every day lives to keep us physically, emotionally and socially fit.
Some examples of formal and informal physical activity are...
It can be formal and done for better health or fitness or can just be something like a casual walk.
Exercise helps you...
recover quicker
have stronger bones and muscles
manage your weight
Physical activity provides a prevention of things such as...
a heart attack
some cancers
type 2 diabetes
high blood cholesterol level
Being fit also makes life a whole lot easier because you do not get as tired as quickly
Unfortunately there are always some barriers to physical activity which are under three main umbrellas, physical, emotional and social
Physical activity can make one happier. This is because when we do exercise our body produces endorphins which makes us feel elated.
Physical activity...
Improves sleep
Helps the reduction of anxiety, depression and stress
improves mood
gives a feelings of achieving something
Prevents workers feeling sick
Economically helps the community around, providing sponsorships and work

Helps the community interact
Gives opportunities to interact with others
Prevents members the community feeling isolated and tired
Weather (too hot/cold/raining/snowing)
Real barriers
Perceived barriers
Costs involved
Lack of time
Fear of not doing well
Lack of encouragement
No energy or motivation
Lack of enjoyment
Lack of facility/ equipment
Embarrassed about weight
Over coming physical barriers
Lack of knowledge
Lack of time
Priorities time
List how long it will take for each task for the afternoon
Walk during breaks
Wake up earlier to fit in exercise (a run)
Over coming emotional barriers
Lack of enjoyment
Combine exercise time with something you love (music, maths, poetry)
Exercise with a friend
Fear of not doing well
Embarrassed about level of fitness, ability
Over coming social barriers
Fear of not doing well
Pick a sport you feel comfortable doing
Ask a PE teacher for more knowledge on a sport
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