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Health Fire safety project


green cabbages and tasty grass

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Health Fire safety project

Don't touch fire because you will catch on fire Don't touch fire because you
will burn whatever you touched it with. Don't touch fire. Hello this is our health prezi on fire!!! Enjoy our Prezi! If you see a Fire that isn't supposed to be happening call 911. If you think there is a fire call 911! If you smell a Fire call 911 Do not play with lighters, Matches, or play near the Stove, Barbeque/Grill, or Fireplace. Don't play with Flammable things. Fun Fact: If you look at the Sun (Big ball of fire in the sky), you will hurt your Retina! (Thing in your Eyeball.) Plan a Fire escape route in your House. If the fire alarm sounds get out of your house
quickly and call 9-1-1. Here are some pictures of fire equipment if you get burned run cool water over affected area to avoid making it worse dont put hot water Here are some flammable objects If you think there is a fire in a room use the back of your hand to check don't use the palm of your hand because you will burn it and it will hurt even more. Sea Creatures Bermuda

Triangle of facts If you catch on Fire
Stop, drop and roll!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!1!1!!!!111! By: Rachel, Tyler and Luca
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