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Huckleberry Finn Chapters 28 & 29

No description

Lynette Flores

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 28 & 29

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
by~ Karla Romero & Lynette Flores Satire: is a readily defined as a rhetorical strategy that pokes fun at customs, people, & institutions with the purpose of improving society.
Mind. Blowing. Chapter 29
I Light Out in the Storm
Pg. 195-205 Summary-
The real Harvey and William Wilks arrive
They along with the duke and the king are taken to a tavern to be questioned
They each sign a paper
The real Harvey says Peter had a tattoo on his chest
Mob goes to dig out the body, Huck escapes Satire in Chapter 29 Moral- Huck has been figuring what is right and wrong but the duke and the fraud, who are older than him and should know better, are constantly lying and tricking people for their own selfish needs.
Society- The townspeople were ready to see proof that the duke and the dauphin were frauds but forgot all about it when they saw the money. They are filled with ignorance and greed.
"By the living jingo, here's the bag of gold on his breast!" pg. 204 Satire: Race: pg 186, paragraph 2
-->Miss Jane has EMOTIONS for the slaves Huck tells the truth
Mary Jane is upset
Plan is further discussed
Pg 191: Huck apologizes
Pg 194: Plan is in motion
Huck compares self to Sawyer Society: pg 187 "I'll up and tell the truth this time..." Chapter 28: Overreaching Don't Play Funeral of Peter Wilks
King & the duke plan to steal
Conscience kicking in..
Right vs. Wrong! Two Quotes on pg 183:
Paragraph One
"Them poor things..."
Mid-way, Second Paragraph
"I can't ever..." Previously in Chapter 27: Dead Peter Has His Gold -->Huck, the CHILD, is doing the responsible
thing & following his conscience
-->He is uncovering the King & duke's
fraud Represents the duke and dauphin
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