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Cultural Experience Assignment

No description

Terrence Harewood

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Cultural Experience Assignment

Cultural Experience Assignment
Find someone who is culturally different from you
Person had K-12 education in the U.S
Paper includes three parts
Part One: Interviewee
Interview person about their experiences in U.S schools
Record your findings in a paper
How was his or her culture addressed in school?
Was their culture reflected in the curriculum?
Did the textbooks and other curriculum materials
reflect examples or people from their culture?
Did they feel marginalized or part of the school?
Were they bullied or had positive or negative experiences due to their culture?
Were their holidays and traditions celebrated?
Did the teaching style, motivation style, communication style,
discipline approach, etc. match their home culture
Use quotes and examples
Do not use the person's real name
Part Two: Your Own Experience
Report your own schooling and cultural experiences
Reflect on the same areas you ask your interviewee
Again provide examples of how your culture was addressed in your schooling
Part Three: Critical Reflection
Use course concepts to compare and contrast differences
Make this a separate section
What course concepts can you use to explain how schools address culture?
Tips for success!!
Select someone who is as different from you culturally as possible
Stretch yourself! Consider how this experience might expand your comfort zone
Common Error: Do not forget to reflect deeply on your own culture and exprience
Ask questions about multiple areas of scholing: curriculum, instruction, textbooks, social experiences, holidays, sensitivity to communication styles, etc.
Use lots of examples and course concepts from this and your other courses

For more information and an example, See ACE .
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