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Found Art & Assemblage

No description

koko olszewski

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Found Art & Assemblage

What is found art? Found Art found art is made
using objects found in
everyday life recycled bottle caps
parking tickets
fabric scraps
bicycle wheels
pages from a book Like What? Ally Moore How is that different from
a ready-made? 2. And/or given a new name In This Skin, Mixed Media, 4’x4’, 2011 unaltered, everyday objects. Ready-made: 1. Placed in a new context i.e. "The Fountain" Emphasis 2D compositions
or 3D sculptures
using found objects
FORM & SHAPE Janice Lowry Learning to Fly, Assemblage, 18.5x11.75x4, 2009 COLOR & TEXTURE . How can
you use
form to
unity ? What properties
of color can you
to create a mood? What materials
can you use to
emphasize your traits
or experiences? Ridin' round on my bicycle Art Cars Papermoon Diner, Baltimore MD
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