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History of fishing industry

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Chris Santos

on 10 June 2016

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Transcript of History of fishing industry

History of the Fishing Industry
Economical Successes
Affects on Washington's Environment
Most known sea animals and sea life in Washington's waters
How the Fishing Industry Impacted Washington State
Background and History
The fishing industry first originated in Washington around the year 1850. It began as a small industry, but expanded after a few decades of innovation. As the industry expanded it accelerated the number of incoming salmon, halibut, and shellfish. The early days of the industry depended on the old method of fishing, which was using only nets, wooden rods, and old and badly constructed fishing lines. This caused serious corruptions within the business.
The economy deserved what was coming to them. In a number of years the waters of Elliot bay and the Puget Sound began to run out of food, such as salmon, shrimp, shellfish and more. Many of the fish that is sold in the public market arrives there from the waters of Elliot bay and the Puget Sound. Though the economy suffered from a multitude of losses they also had a lot to gain. The Economy grew and more employees were hired to work for the Industry. Customer satisfaction ratings got hire and locations for the Industry became more.
More employees and higher customer satisfaction rates. This raised the levels of income and gave plenty of other benefits to the workers and the customers. To drag in more costumers the men working the stands at the public market were requested to put on a show, for example a demonstration of their success at throwing and catching salmon, which was then handed out to the buyer. The Internatioanl Fisheries Commision began studying halibut fisheries in 1924 and imposed closed seasons, catch limits, and nursery maintentance which began in 1932.
You may think that fishing is just something you may do with your dad to spend some extra time together discussing the different importance's in life. Well it is not. Fishing is a very serious thing. Fishing has multiple good but just as many bad affects on the surrounding environment. Water and air pollution can create different oily mixtures on the surface of the water which the fish think is food and there for eat. Many aquatic animals have died this way. Especially here in the west coast where fishing is part of family tradition and many families hit the water on clear and sunny days. The population both in salmon and other species has decreased by a tremendous amount. Stealing habitat from the animals is also common and entering restricted areas where fishing is prohibbited, we demonstrate these in so many different ways and get off with merely any consequences.
After the natives, we "Americans" came in and intercepted their lands letting them loose and stripping them of their homes. Before any American stepped foot on land near the west cost the natives took it to heart that the environment they had created would not be harmed as long as their traditions carried on. As we came in and set the new laws and created new ways for doing things everything fell apart. Fishing became very common and people who did not have access to the water went to private docks to do their fishing there. This deeply impacted the population of aquatic life on the west coast. As life carried on motorboats were constructed for faster fishing methods, however they created a lot of air and water pollution. This hurt the under water basin very much and reduced the amount of sea life left here in Elliot Bay and the Puget Sound.
salmon, shellfish, halibut, jellyfish, small octopus, squid, and killer whales/orcas tend to venture up in these areas as well.
Overall fishing affected washingtons history in a big way. By helping the early pioneers through tough and cold winters, supplying lots of fish and food on cold and stormy nights. Creating a future for some in the fishing industry and just in all using Washington's water ways which the early travelers found to help us through life today.
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