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Nuclear Energy

By: Kusha, Zakee and Shahrokh

Kusha Sareen

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Nuclear Energy

~ Does not produce ANY smoke during production (unlike fossil fuels)
~ Produces more kilowatts than wind, solar or coal energy for fewer cents
~ Produces large amounts of electricity from small amounts of fuel
~ Megawatt for megawatt it produces more clean energy than wind or solar energy once it's running
~ Low Costs To Operate
_ It requires uranium which is hard to find and very expensive
- When nuclear energy is made it produces nuclear waste ,a highly dangerous substance that stays radio active for more than 1000 years
-Though making electricity this way is cheap, it is very expensive to store the waste, maintain the power plants and find skilled people to split atoms
A nuclear power plant is basically a steam power plant that is fueled by uranium atoms. The atoms are placed in a reactor and are allowed to split apart. The splitting process, known as fission, releases great amounts of energy. This energy is used to heat water until it turns to steam, then the steam turns the turbine. When the turbine spins it goes through the generator and makes electricity
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