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Career Presentation: Obstetrician ( OBGYN)

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Marie Saint Fleury

on 14 June 2017

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Transcript of Career Presentation: Obstetrician ( OBGYN)

Reasons why I have chosen this career
-An obstetrician is a person who specializes in medical care for women and serve care towards pregnancy and the reproductive system.

-Knowledge and skills required are people skills such as recognizing patient's differences and abilities, having a positive manner, good listener to assuage patient's concerns, and cooperative with co workers. Also, •Reading comprehension
Speaking,Science ,Critical thinking,Active learning, Learning strategies,Writing skills.

-OB/GYNs also provide treatment for conditions such as breast cancer, hormonal imbalances and menopause symptoms.
- They perform testing to determine what is causing the infertility and provide treatment options to help with conception, when women are unable to conceive.
-The working enviroment include settings such as impatient wards, delivery suits, outpatient clinics and operating theatres.
-A typical working day for an Obstetrician is busy and long and irregular hours. Also, frequent weekend and night disruptions with on- calls are required.
Career Details
The wages for an Obstetrician: Late-Career= 16%
Experienced= 10%
National average= $204,000
-It takes years of training and medical programs to reach the highest level of pay.
-The job outlook for an Obstetrician is overall positive. According to sources "The BLS expects physician and surgeon employment to grow by 24 percent between 2010 and 2020, much faster than average.
- There are many Obstetrician jobs nationwide.
-You can't take the job of an Obstetrician where ever you want to go, you'd have to go where everthe patient is requesting your service.

Job Posting: OB/GYN Job in FL

Gold Coast of Florida-Ob/GYN Hospitalist position CPH# 216324

OB/GYN - Florida


For more information or to apply for this position, you can reach me directly at 203-663-9389 or e-mail me Van.ruttley@comphealth.com 8- 24 hour shifts a weekSalaried positionLevel 3 nurseryCompetitive SalarySelf insuredSpanish prefered but…
Education & Training
To become an Obstetrician, a significant amount of formal education is required.
1. Complete an undergraduate degree program
2. Pass the Medical college Admissions Test
3. Complete a 4-year medical school program.
4. Complete an internship and residency in a hospital.
5. The final step is to acquire a license.

-There are no internships for Obstetricians at Irsc but the are classes that can help to getting your AS level such as: Gneral Biology and Critical and Creative Thinking.
- A medical assisting program is offered that requires a 100 nonrefundable deposit to take the test.
Salaries & Job Outlook
By: Marie Saint Fleury
Career Presentation: Obstetrician ( OBGYN)
Reality Check: Strengths and Limitations
- I'm able to make a living with having a career of an Obstetrician because the average pay is six figures ( about 200,000-300,000).
-The jobs are nationwide. Travel and relocation isn't required but there are nurses that are positioned to travel.
- Job perks/ Incentives are 15 days of vacation for the year, meal vouchers, Life insurance, Disability insurance, and Health insurance.
-Job negatives/Drawbacks: Nurses have to come in on call ins regardless if they are sick or tired. Some days are busy and fast paced.
According to my Myers Briggs test, I'm "The Mediator" (INFP-T) and I feel that being a person that wants conflicts to come to an agreement is a necessity for an Obstetrician to handle problems or concerns with a client and try their best to handle the problem.
According to my Personality Spectrum, the test determined that I am an organizer. Being an organizer can contribute positively be being able to manage times and dates to do operations with patients or by being able to place medicines and tools where they belong so no problems occur.
My emotional intelligence determined that I'm very sympathetic with others. Being sympathetic plays a huge role on how your patients feel around you. Being sympathetic is good because I can be an attentive listener towards the reader and I can take mytime to provide care towards the client.
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