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Unit 9: Practical Individual Sports

No description

simon edwards

on 6 June 2016

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Transcript of Unit 9: Practical Individual Sports

Tutor: Simon Edwards
Unit 9: Practical Individual Sports
Task 1
Self/Elite analysis
1. Using the video identify the following on Moodle use the sheet i have given you to quickly identify how many times the skills and tactics are performed correctly
Methods of Assessment
SWOT Analysis

Performance Profile
What ways can we analyse an athlete performance?
Performance profile
SWOT analysis
Notational analysis

Interview Task
In pairs go through the interview questions with each other identifying the strengths and weaknesses from your badminton and golf sessions

(Remember this will help you in your assignment 2)
What did we learn?
Badminton Skills and Tactics
Personal and athlete development
So how can we develop an athlete individual sporting skills/tactics?
Learning outcomes
. Be able to assess own performance in selected individual sports

. Be able to assess the performance of other individuals in selected individual sports
Assessing own performance
(Golf and Badminton)
Kolbs Model of Reflection

What were the main -
Areas for improvement
Performance Profile
SWOT Analysis
Golf Skills and Tactics
. Coaching drills
. Fitness
. Videos
. Analysis
. Gym
. Extra coaching
Example development of SMASH skill
Assignment Link
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