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What do you see?

No description

melissa sequeiros

on 6 September 2018

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Transcript of What do you see?

Listen for gist and check if your answers from the Trivia were right or wrong.
Listening Activities
Circle all the sentences in the worksheet that use present simple or past simple passive.
Listen to a man talking about facts around the world and identify general and specific information.
What do you see?
Session 3
Thursday,September 6th,2018
Pair Work
Summarize the information to
give a short speech to their partners.
* have to use the passive voice.
* have to listen and give
feedback based on the rubric
1. What does the man’s speech go around?

2. What are the key ideas in each of the topics he mentions?

3. Which of the ideas I wrote in question 2 can be omitted?

4. What connectors will I use to make my summary more natural?
Edinburgh of the Seven
is said to be
the most
remote inhabited place on earth
Create your own definition of Passive Voice

Give a Present and Past Voice Example
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