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Britney Spears


Romina Mangini

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Britney Spears

My favorite singer's life
General infotmation:
Name: Britney Jean Spears
Nickname: Brit, Bit-Bit
Born: December 2, 1981. Kentwood Mississippi, U.S
Ocupation: Singer, actress, composer.
Height: 1.65 m
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Favorite color: Sky-blue
Favorite movie: Titanic, Crossreads
Kinds of music: Pop, R&B, Hip hop

Britney (1999) on her first musical video for the song ''Baby one more time''
This girl started
when she was so young working on a TV program, doing her two big passions singing and dancing, and until today she has a job that she loves
Britney Spears born to be a star. She went, when she was only 17 years old, to some discographies companies to try their luck. Jive Records support Britney since the executives heard her voice, and until now she records all her music in this company

The beginning of her career:
Before the fame:
Britney Speas born on a small town, she lived with her mother Lyne, her father Jamie, her sister Jamie Lynn, and her brother Bryan. She always wanted to be a famous singer, since she was young she admired lots of popular singers, like Madonna and Michael Jackson. When she was only 11 years old she had participated on Mickey Mouse Club, there, she confirmed that her passion was to sing. Seven years after she recorded her first famous hit, ''Baby one more time''.
Her first album (''...Baby one more time'') had been becoming so popular, and she became a new teen idol.
Living her dreams
Since 1999 with her first album she became a very popular singer, and she record five musical videos of this album.
In 2000 she pitch another album, putting again her songs on the top of the list of the most heard. That new album was called ''Opss!... I did it again''.
A little girl:
The girl becomes a woman:
With 20 years old Britney felt that she where mature, and she reflect this in her songs, she was changing her lyrics, and in this way she made a new Britney. This year she recorded a album named ''Britney''.
In 2003 she put for sale ''In the Zone'' with a sexier Britney. In this album she recorded a song and she made a musical video with Madonna. Also this year she made her famous tour with her new and old songs, ''The Onyx Hotel Tour''
The price of fame
Britney was a very popular singer she won several music awards, she appeared in lots of important magazines and TV programs (even she appeared in ''The Simpsons''). Until 2007 she didn't record any albums because she had personal problems, she made available for sale two compilation albums, but with only three new singles in those years.
That popularity in the media made that she couldn't have privacy of her personal life, wherever she went she was followed by the press. The press and the gossip became her enemies
Besides she started with problems with drugs and drinking.
In 2007, and still recovering of her personal problems, she pitch a new album, ''Black out'', with more hits.
The last years
The last six years, she recorded ''Circus'' (2008), another recompilation ''The Singles Collection'' (2009) with only one new single, and the last one ''Femme Fatale''. Those albums shows a new Britney: stronger without any personal problems and making new hits.
Britney returned to stay.
Today's Britney
Important information:
In 1997 She sign with Jive Records
In 2007 Britney received several award for her song ''Piece of me''
In 2002 She played the starring role in the film ''Crossroads''.
Her first studio song was wrote by Max Martin.
Before the singer was 20 years old she was called ''The Princes of Pop''
In 2005 born her first son Sean Preston
In 2006 born Jayden James, her youngest child
In 2009 her single ''3'' was a success (Billboard Hot 100) Like '...'Baby one more time'' and ''Womanizer''
Today she is working in a new project, we are waiting for another hit.
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